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  1. finally that probelm has gone.. now just need to run update and see if any files changes and that the repatcher works

    one typo in ur script... visual task tips .. doesnt start at startup becoz the entry is incorrect in the registery .. the file name shud be tasktips.exe but in the registry its visualtasktips.exe

    How about you add vistart and truetransperancy and transbar.. that wud make it perfect

  2. :ranting: Arghh, stupid code....... :doh: :shy: Ok, I've fixed the code so that two command-line parameters, "/OEMINFO" (which is the OEM Information Generator) and "/CACHE:5" (which is Clear Icon Cache, Then Delete Script function) get processed before anything else happens in the script. I'll post the updated SFX shortly.

    lol ok .. going to test again.. pheww... lol

  3. When do you get this error? Cause it doesn't occur during installation....

    during startup since that live patcher runs at startup( xptsp.exe /AUTOPATCH..shows in msconfig) and even when u run it from the cpl ..i also get the error.. am not sure y i am getting this .. is there any log file created.. maybe its conflicting with some addons..??

    Also when i looked at the xptsp.ini file there is no live.patch section, but there was a "livepatch" so when i changed it to live.patch another error came up this time it was looking for live.replace.

    just to make things clear i cud be making a mistake.. i just need that gui addon right or do i also have to intergrate the live patch addon

  4. Second, that screen that you showed: Is that on Vista? Because if it is, then that certainly would back up the statement that it tried to patch your OS, not a XP source folder.... and it would confirm my statement in the last paragraph....

    That second screen is on a virtual machine.. (virtual box) running on vista .. but the operating system running in the virtual machine is XP Pro .. the source in which i intergrated the files.

    and also the colour of the task manager didnt change ( i chose purple) and the extra programs dont get intergrated

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