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  1. I get an error when I try to load the dvd source

    "this seems to be an *swm file which is read-only and not supported by W7T you need to to merge this back into *.wim file first.."


    Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]

    © Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

    M:\win7\install\lang>Set SEE_MASK_NOZONECHECKS=1

    M:\win7\install\lang>imagex /Info "M:\win7\w7_sp1-X17-59183\SOURCES\install.wim"


    then tried using the *swm merger tool to try and locate the *swm and ther are no *swm files to begin with

    when tried using the language file converter tool picked up "windows6.1-kb2483139-x86-he-il.exe"

    choosing destination for the converted file.."

    I get :

    the system cannot find the file specified "command line" = "exe2cab "*.exe" "*.cab""

    btw would it be possible for you to add the "iso creator" to the all-in-one tool and by so making it easier posibly

    so far with all my modding attempts I have not succeeded seeing anything happen or changed, i ran the AIO tool made an ISO and tested on VM..

    after starting all in one loaded from a preset the tool asks what to do.. when I choose to "save the image before trying to make an iso I receive "error trying to commit image"

    besides that I haven't noticed anything getting applied with the unattended xml file where I kept in the root of the built ISO-DVD

    I am using a Win7SP1 version downloaded from a link handed by the tool

    contents of mount log

    [3680] OpenFilterPort:(326): The service cannot be started, either because it is disabled or because it has no enabled devices associated with it.

    [3680] FltCommVerifyFilterPresent:(630): The service cannot be started, either because it is disabled or because it has no enabled devices associated with it.

    [3680] WIMMountImageHandle:(764): The service cannot be started, either because it is disabled or because it has no enabled devices associated with it.

    [3680] StateStoreRemoveMountedImage:(1041): The system cannot find the file specified.

    [3680] WIMMountImageHandle:(987): The system cannot find the file specified.

    [6860] FIOReadFileIntoBuffer:(1468): The system cannot find the file specified.

    [6860] UnmarshallImageHandleFromDirectory:(432): The specified directory is not a valid mounted directory.

    [6860] WIMGetMountedImageHandle:(2427): The specified directory is not a valid mounted directory.

  2. was thinking: "why not have all the multilingual addons moved to 1 dedicated sub-forum" as I too saw "INTL" addons under other foreign lingual sub-forum postings

    like addons that are made to be as English ONLY under http://www.wincert.net/forum/index.php?showforum=88 where currently most of the addons are @ mixed with some "INTL" ones

    someone would want or prefer to host English-ONLY addons for any that he wouldn't want "INTL" (dismissing the language files from the addon .etc)

    a sub forum dedicated to "INTL" addons would be good even to include all the "how to localize an addon" "add locals" guides or more MUI stuff sticky'd at the top


  3. to add on to post Post #35

    I said it will only work in compressed form which seemed weird

    having both forms will fail (with the patched version)

    all is normal with the none patched ..off course

    now im not sure what or how driverpack handles it if the file is patched ;)

    with nothing more to it really: I found the only safe way having setup.exe<->setupORG.exe patched is making sure it is left in compressed form after the patching job ..deleting its uncompressed version

  4. :setup

    set name=setup

    set ext=exe

    set big=SETUP

    set com=EX_

    if exist "i386\%name%ORG.%ext% goto setupORG

    if exist "i386\%big%ORG.%com% goto setupORG

    if not exist "i386\%big%.%com%" set com=exe

    if not exist "i386\%big%.%com%" goto setup_wm

    %xp% "i386\%big%.%com%" "%tmp%\%name%.%ext%" >nul

    if exist "i386\%name%.%ext%" Del "i386\%name%.%ext%" >nul

    %rh% %ao% "%tmp%\%name%.%ext%", "%tmp%\%name%.%ext%", "%res%\%name%.%ext%.res",,,&echo patching %name%.%ext%

    %pe% -c %tmp%\%name%.%ext% >nul

    set com=EX_

    %cab% /D CompressionType=LZX /D CompressionMemory=21 "%tmp%\%name%.%ext%" "i386\%big%.%com%" >nul

    goto setup_wm


    set name=setupORG

    set name1=setup

    set ext=exe

    set big=SETUPORG

    set com=EX_

    %xp% "i386\%big%.%com%" "%tmp%\%name%.%ext%" >nul

    %cp% /v /y "i386\%name%.%ext%" "%tmp%\%name%.%ext%" >nul

    if exist "i386\%name%.%ext%" Del "i386\%name%.%ext%" >nul

    %rh% %ao% "%tmp%\%name%ext%", "%tmp%\%name%ext%", "%res%\%name1%.%ext%.res",,,&echo patching %name%.%ext%

    %pe% -c %tmp%\%name%.%ext% >nul

    %cab% /D CompressionType=LZX /D CompressionMemory=21 "%tmp%\%name%.%ext%" "i386\%big%.%com%" >nul


  5. the "scan from:" can be from another location so it can be something other then system DIRID's ... ???

    and more:

    scan from:{ [%DIRID%] or ["Browse" ..to none DIRID] } { [..Mozilla Firefox..]<->[add destination box] or [browse-Select] }

  6. nope cant say it has.

    please note that setup.exe is infact cabbed (setup.ex_) in an original install.

    note another interesting thing then ...

    if the setuporg.exe is as *un-patched* all goes well

    now I compressed the file as *patched* and only like that it did work (like you hinted) :wierd: ...

    meaning with the above example you will jut need to search if it exists on the source , patch it with setup.exe.res and then compress regardless to how it is on the source and it should all run well ...

  7. :setup




    if exist "i386\setupORG.exe goto setupORG



    if not exist "i386\%big%.%com%" goto setupORG




    set name=setupORG

    set name1=setup

    set ext=exe

    if not exist "i386\%name%.%ext%" goto setup_wm

    %cp% /v /y "i386\%name%.%ext%" "%tmp%\%name%.%ext%" >nul

    %rh% %ao% "%tmp%\%name%.%ext%", "%tmp%\%name%.%ext%", "%res%\%name1%.%ext%.res",,,&echo patching %name%.%ext%

    %pe% -c %tmp%\%name%.%ext% >nul

    %cp% /v /y "%tmp%\%name%.%ext%" "i386\%name%.%ext%" >nul

    this is more or less the workaround needed for allowing setup.exe patching after driver-packs.

    however the weird.. Unlike before I tested this and it proves to brake the setup

    did the setup.exe.RES change in any way ?

  8. and i did make the modifications a while back when you said that you remove setup.exe from ure source.so the batch check if its present or not and depeding on the situation it will copy or not the file to ure source folder.but this realy looks like a driver packs thing( as method 2 repalces setup.exe to launch its 'fake' setup to decompress the drivers then launches the original setup afterwards.)

    btw I Incorporated a workaround especially for xptsp so respacker is capable of running after the driverpacks as well

    with the next update I'll add in all the other essential stuff as in the addon

    so all one needs is the latest batch.exe when using respacker ...

  9. I have few points for you to consider checking out

    1) at "scan directory automatically"

    you could have it scan a parent dir first in a suggestive way:

    Read programfiles ?? [Read]

    the parent dir that was selected from the drop down menu is scanned..listing all child folders Directories in names

    then you simply choose one to process .. without the need to browse ..but optional


    short cuts, dll, ocx are automatically suggested in options active\none active to select...[default anyhow]

    adding all *.exe found to a suggestive path, by default-) start menu\group (the name from the child dir in from the previous step is used by default)

    the group name in start menu are easily changeable .. to anything else (but for the automatic aspect of addon building it only makes sense to get the name of the parent dir at first (and present it as the default name)...

    you can add a few basic Groups for the start menu groups for fast selection









    for the other locations for shortcuts the same applies all *.exe are suggested with some select-boxes to activate\deactivate [deactivated by default]

    same thing for [register dll\ocx] having all *.dll *.ocx auto suggested but not selected by default...

    most of the parameters should be pre suggested for default parameters.

    same for entries ini

    date: "...." (by system date\time)

    language: "English" (by Default)

    version: "1.0" (by Default)

    of course you make the "auto suggest" an optional feature in each tab or global in the general window

    the tool is looking Good

    thanks :)

  10. @Enu_user: your missing "@Plugins" line under dirdelete in the entries, it wont get deleted for me if its not there.

    yes that happens with the plugin addon setup, its really integrators flaw for creating it ...

    I have added a delete for it now. actually that could cause CD problems later so its better taken cared of

    done . ;)

  11. for anyone who missed it


    to make it all into an integratable addon you will need to place the plugin\*respack* files into reshack1\* in red as the script knows to distribute the files from their

    as to the resources ,they can be filed into where orange is highlighted, or you have them distributed to their respectful locations (Either ways will work ..)


  12. ok nice info,cause i went ahead and made some drastic changes to the addon version and i was still screwed so ill scrap the modifications i made and keep the last build.(why fix soemthing that isint broken right?)

    yes, for xptsp I have dedicated a good part of the script that now knows how to extract the needed parts from it when its placed in the plugins directory as is .etc

    also i wanted to know,wouldint ure plugin alow us to use the addon version of xptsp instead?cause that way we can keep on adding cursors and other stuff we can only do via .the entries.ini file.(that would be the best if you ask me)anyways thx for the info.

    btw: is it normal that all ure links r down?(unless ure doing updates of course)

    you can directly update the addon I made for it or from where ever you wish (also in my thread)

    the script also uses other formats if you wanted to make a dedicated Addon

    you are free to place the plugin itself in the addon (be sure to take a look how the addon is build...)

    everything in the post is updated! as of now :)

    you will notice that the script is a bit unique but it does a great job as is .. I too haven't changed it just updated it from how I originally built it ...

    Woot Nice,

    It will be very Convenient to have it setup like this





    Updating the Resource would be very Easy that way. Just a thought

    its very Convenient as it is. and in the current pack version

    so i wont need to download and upload the whole thing to keep this updated ..

    i just when through all of the trouble making my script work with this pack and the other updates to all the other packs :nunchaku:

    the reason some are SFX'd is to reduce the time it takes integrator to do its "shifting things around" process where it usually copies everything back form its temp directory to the needed place ...

    if you find the script and its routines acceptable you can bump my thread with more packs from the light to heavy & for more examples .etc

    also be sure to check the patch.log I made it produce (very good & useful one) ..

  13. god, i wanted to be finished with this for the holidays.

    ok here it goes;

    if i make the batch script so it can be ran along side addons and update packs, ill have to kill the manual patcher.

    so im willing to give it a try,but risingsun,ull have to understand that i asked dougie to make a gui cause i was tired of the long and widing road the batch script uses,yeah i know its crap,not efficient and stupid, ive said it time and time again in the past.i said to myself i wouldint change it again since it dosent make sense working on a crappy batch file when dougie is doing it 10 x better via autoit( i want to eventualy scrap the bach and only use dougie's gui).i do know its not simple and easy to read back previous posts to comprehend the past history or acctualy read the batch file and also comprehend what it does... cause both are long and no fun to do.

    don't kill the manual patcher as there is already a script ..


    the script reads the resources and the extra folder it will be good if you or anyone else updates at least those

    that will be updated shortly for anyone that wants to test ..

    + the script deals with other ways of patching the cd files

    now if you go and kill the the manual patcher you will surly piss me of :P, if that's what you are looking to do !/!

    anyways I went all over the script and now testing it again against the other packs that i have updated .. it will be ready in a wile (just hold on to your pants RisingXun & all)


    the script will allow integrating xptsp on the fly along the other addons or updatepack

    you simply download the updated xptsp file and place in under plugins directory of integrator

    ill will add more info to that post later ...

  14. "are the files in extra\ trivial to all xp versions and the ones in home\ and mc\ specific ?"

    yes and no,the files in root of extra are files to be replaced(res files are kept seperate).files that ure used by all xp versions and are the same are; the audio wave files, the bmps and the .msc files. and if you do a compaire of the different files you will see that there are files that are the same to the root of extras(wich are xp pro files), and are also found in mce dir and home dir. so No do not copy over ontop cause you will loose the xp version specific file patching. the way the folders are seperated should not be changed.

    yes i figured how this works already in the script ,only forgot to add IE7 files

    for the base trivial extras ill add a check if they exist before adding them ...

    thanks for the confirmation

    ill soon update ...

  15. are the files in extra\ trivial to all xp versions, and the ones in home\ and mc\ specific ?

    when using rick mc addon In my script I moved the extra files form extra\ to I386 and the ones from extra\mce\ on top so is that ok ..?

    i got to test this with my script on with rick's mc_addon but had problems with plus themes errors

    so im not so sure what is the cause..

    btw what are these files for :win2k ?



    i didn't get ot read the whole thread but this seems an interesting project .

    I think there is a dimension problem with my computer props .. otherwise for my first glance it looks great

    keep up the good work :cool04:

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