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  1. Update posted 0.706

    v0.706 - 12-02-09

    -fixed bug when reading registry for firefox and firefox not installed

    -fixed bug where when browsing for folder and cancel is selected

    -fixed bug when trying to copy helper.exe and file does not exist

    -added several outdated older vanilla versions of Firefox

    -changed links for outdated older Firefox versions after Mozilla removed previous links

    -added Tete's Beta SSE Version

    -added Tete's Beta SSE2 Version

    -added ability to only download links to the file you wish to build

    -added status

    -added usage validation

    -fixed check update

    -updated to Quicktime v.

    -updated to Quicktime Alternate v.3.1.0

    It is not working for me.



  2. Update Posted

    v0.704 - 11-16-09

    -fixed bug in W7T addon not being created

    -added script to properly reshack the beta Firefox versions

    -disabled 'Set Proxy' until completed

    -fixed bug that is evident when loading saved settings and you have unchecked 'Use Defaults'

    I can not pick on it at any point. Cheers!

  3. 'Set Proxy' is not complete and should have been disabled.

    I have tested a little-bit. No more problems with icons. It is problem with save settings. When I load settings, there are only few of them. All from right part of the table. No 'personal options', 'non-personal options', 'editable options', 'including plugins', additional software'and 'create shortcuts'.

    That's all for a moment.

  4. Give me the exact name of the icon. When you use firefox.exe -SetDefaultBrowser, it automatically creates three shortcuts. I include a script to remove the icons. So, with the name you provide, I can delete it.

    If you set the compression level to "1" it is extremely fast and only about 20% larger output file.

    I could not see why the icon is the wong one, it does not occur with every install, just randomly. I will keep looking for it.

    Also, if you desire the "Pinned Apps" shortcut, I need this:

    "When you right click on a exe or file, on the context menu, there is a choice to pin to taskbar. I need to what what the exact string is to pin to the taskbar. On english systems it is "Pin to Taskbar". Note, the string must be exact or it will not work."



    Exact name of the icon is "Mozilla Firefox". I don't know it is in every install or randomly. I haven't time to check it out.

    This icon is visible, but it doesn't exist, and disappeared when I restart system. Weird, isn't it? By the way I have Windows XP.

    One more thing. When I press 'set proxy', I got an error:



  5. Thanks Jonnyboy.

    It works like a charm, at the moment. It is almost perfect. Almost, because I've got 2 icons on desktop. One - Mozilla Firefox, is not active, and second - Firefox is the right one. But it is detail.

    This tool is much better and faster, than previous.


  6. ok, your error is no problem, just say yes and continue. It is not the same as the others. It is just positioning the window on your screen.

    you will get 2 errors. I don't know why it errors on some systems and not on others. But, again. It is no problem.

    It is problem, whatever I'll do - yes or no - program doesn't start. I have the picture nr 3. That's all.

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