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  1. Ahh i understand, i will adjust the link and will add a link to a guide of downloading the torrent files :)

    I think it may have confused people as you made it sound like you wanted me to implement the script into Windows 7 Toolkit :P

    EDIT: It's going to be tough to link to a page which tells you how to download torrent files, because people may use that knowledge to download things they shouldn't....

    Why not add a tooltip box - when Downloads > DriverPacks is selected the tooltip could appear and state something about Torrent files, requires a Bit Torrent program to complete downloads.

  2. I don't understand how or why my fairly simple comments became so difficult to undertand.

    I was simply pointing out the fact that W7Toolkit > Downloads > DriverPacks was not providing complete instructions/information to a user.

    DriverPacks were Bit Torrent Files - not mentioned; A script had been created - not mentioned; Installation on an installed/running system was required in certain instances - not mentioned.

    I did not say I had problems or needed help - again, I was pointing out issues I thought needed addressing by the W7Toolkit creator so that a novice would not be totally lost when/if they downloaded the various DriverPacks and had no procedures immediately at hand on their proper use.

    If what I wrote here is still confusing then I am forced to request total elimination of all of these postings as I can no longer try to provide information on this matter.

  3. See postings #99, #103, #108, #110, #112, #113 for comments on this same subject that, in some cases, do not fully address the issues with the use of the DriverPacks downloaded using the W7Toolkit Downloads option.

    W7Toolkit and Win7 Ultimate 64-bit w/SP1

    W7Toolkit > Downloads > DriverPacks > Select Files (x64 or x86) (Bit Torrent) > Download Location

    This is the action to be taken indicated from within W7Toolkit.

    First problem could be that many have no clue as to Bit Torrent and how to use for downloading.

    Second problem is that no mention is made that these files should be installed using the DriverPacks script available form the DriverPacks forum: http://forum.driverpacks.net/viewtopic.php?id=4954 - comments in the postings above make mention of this but that does not meet the requirements of clarifying this for users running the W7Toolkit as is, with no help files or awareness of forum postings.

    Third problem is found in posting #104/105 in the same forum where the comment is about using the downloads and the script to update drivers for the existing/running operating system, not as a method to slipstream/integrate into Win7's install.wim or boot.wim as some users could assume during their use of W7Toolkit.

    So, because of these issues I think the user must be provided an extensive explanation of proper downloading procedures for Bit Torrent and use of these Win7 DriverPacks and informed that they are not a replacement for All-In-One-Integrator > Drivers > Add Drivers (which are made part of Install.Wim and Boot.Wim.

    The ReadMe.txt file that is included in the DriverPacks script follows and I am pretty sure most people just downloading the DriverPacks are unaware of its requirements:

    *** WARNING ***

    Ensure you run the DP_Install_Tool.cmd file with an adminstrator account or with adminstrator rights.

    ** Caution **

    The below caution is for Vista/Win7 users only.

    If you run the DP_Install_Tool.cmd file from an account without adminstrator rights, the tool will ask for an adminstrator password to continue.

    * Note *

    Difference between method 1 & method 2:

    Method 1 will unpack all the selected dps to a temp folder, then .CAB compress the files to save space, then copy all the individual files/folders to the destination.

    - Benefit #1: When installing new hardware, Windows will scan removable drives for compatible drivers and auto-install if found.

    - Benefit #2: Installing drivers is very quick because the drivers are already pre-staged and ready for use.

    - Problem #1: This method takes a LOONNNGGGG time to create and uses roughly 3 times the disc space to store.

    - Problem #2: Keeping your SAD disc up-to-date requires completely rebuilding the packs each time an update is available.

    Method 2 keeps all the DriverPacks in their .7z compressed state and then unpacks them to the destination drive once install is selected.

    - Benefit #1: This method takes less than a minute to create the SAD disc and saves lots of space on the disc itself because the files are kept compressed.

    - Benefit #2: Keeping your SAD disc up-to-date is as simple as replacing the .7z packs with updated ones...easy.

    - Problem #1: When installing new hardware using the "new hardware wizard", Windows will NOT find any drivers when scanning removable media because the files are still compressed.

    - Problem #2: Installing drivers takes longer because the drivers must be unpacked to the system drive before they can be used.

    You must prioritize your needs and select the appropriate method to use. You must select one or the other, not both.

    What goes where?


    -Method-1: Use DriverPacks BASE to create a Method-1 SAD disc selecting the packs you want to include. By default, the folder "DriverPacks.net" will be created in C:\.

    Copy the contents of that DriverPacks.net folder to this folder so that the folder heirarchy looks like this: \NT5\x86\D\.

    -Method-2: 32-bit Win XP/2000/2003 DriverPacks go here in their compressed state. The Chipset DriverPack is included for reference. Method 2 will fail if the \NT5\x86\D\ folder exists here, only .7z packs must be present.


    -Method-1: Extract the contents of all DriverPacks to the NT6\x64\D\ folder so that the folder heirarchy looks like this: \NT5\x64\D\*. Method 1 will fail if the \NT6\x64\ folder contains any .7z DriverPacks.

    -Method-2: 64-bit Vista/Win7 DriverPacks go here in their compressed state. The Chipset DriverPack is included for reference. Method 2 will fail if the \NT6\x64\D\ folder exists here, only .7z packs must be present.


    -Method-1: Extract the contents of all DriverPacks to the NT6\x86\D\ folder so that the folder heirarchy looks like this: \NT5\x86\D\*. Method 1 will fail if the \NT6\x86\ folder contains any .7z DriverPacks.

    -Method-2: 32-bit Vista/Win7 DriverPacks go here in their compressed state. The Chipset DriverPack is included for reference. Method 2 will fail if the \NT6\x86\D\ folder exists here, only .7z packs must be present.

    I think the above answers the questions and comments made by me and others in the postings I listed at the beginning of this posting and why I think just pointing to DriverPacks is not necessarily a good idea.

  4. Chief, you have to unpack all the .7z's ..just create a folder called Drivers and unpack all the .7z into that folder. then, you'll be able tho select what drivers do you want , or , even the whole folder! that's the way i do it ;)

    Having to unpack the .7Z files was not what I had in mind. The script written by the folks at DriverPacks was designed to do the following:

    "Here is a script developed from the original SAD script. I'll call it SAD2 :)

    It'll automatically determine the running system OS arch and extract the correct dps from the right directory. Very slick.

    Supports all NT5 (XP/2000/2003) & NT6 (Vista/Win7) OS types."

    So, given that the script was written to determine the running OS and correct DriverPack(s) I mentioned it so that a determination could be made to verify its compatibility with W7Toolkit.

  5. W7Toolkit and Win7 Ultimate 64-bit w/SP1

    I noticed that right under the title bar you added a Downloads option; one of which points to DriverPacks for Win7 x64 and x86. (Also, this change is not shown at http://www.wincert.n...kit-v102-final/ - please update.)

    My question is: if DriverPacks are downloaded how are they integrated using the W7Toolkit? When I go to Drivers > Add Drivers and navigate to the DriverPacks location and select the folder I have titled Win7-DriverPacks none are selected. I am guessing this is because they are all .7Z files and therefore not recognized by W7Toolkit. I am also pretty sure the folks at DriverPacks created a script that is to be used for including their DriverPacks with Win7; see: http://forum.driverp...pic.php?id=4954

    Their latest script is version 110505 - called SAD2 (Stand Alone DriverPack)2

  6. There have been no comments by you in the XP Addons section for many days. Are you still going to make them compatible with W7Toolkit - after all you asked for addon locations?

    Also, enjoy university; but don't study too hard and turn it into a grind.

  7. W7T automatically added quotes, but even if you had used them for the other program it would not work, luckily someone provided me the source code on another topic and i managed to modify it and fix a bunch of bugs.

    Double quotes and normal quotes just did not work but it should work now. The external program open another command prompt tool and it did not add the quotes.

    So is it all working properly now?

    W7Toolkit and Win7 Ultimate 64-bit w/SP1

    Component Removal > Win7 Ultimate > Select > Mount > 102 items were listed

    Problem solved

  8. ChiefZeke for some reason the packages program i use to show hidden packages does not like spaces in the mount path ie.

    C:\W7T\Mount, seems to be ok

    C:\W7T\Test Mount 1, seems to error.

    EDIT: I have used the source code of that program to fix the issue, it should now support spaces on the next version. Hopefully :P

    So, even though I had enclosed things in double quotes, ""**"", to comply with DOS rules about no spaces you're saying that is incorrect also - have yet to check new version as I'm in XP right now, but I thought I'd ask about the double quotes while here; for my own edification.

    Your second example, above, I would think would work as: "C:\W7T\Test Mount 1" ?

  9. mount the image

    Dism.exe /Image:C:\W7T\Mount /get-packages /format:Table >C:\1.txt

    then attach 1.txt :)

    Win7 Toolkit and Win7 Ultimate 64-bit w/SP1

    Component Removal > Wim Manager > Windows 7 Ultimate > Select > Mounting: Windows 7 Ultimate > 100% > Component Remover shows same four items as previously

    Dism.exe /Image:"G:\Win7 Toolkit\Mount" /get-packages /format:Table > G:\1.txt (command edited to match my installation)

    Deployment Image Servicing and Management tool

    Version: 6.1.7600.16385

    Image Version: 6.1.7600.16385

    Packages listing:

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | --------------- | ------------- | ---------------

    Package Identity | State | Release Type | Install Time

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | --------------- | ------------- | ---------------

    Microsoft-Windows-Client-LanguagePack-Package~31bf3856ad364e35~x86~en-US~6.1.7600.16385 | Installed | Language Pack | 14-Jul-09 04:46

    Microsoft-Windows-Foundation-Package~31bf3856ad364e35~x86~~6.1.7600.16385 | Installed | Foundation | 14-Jul-09 04:46

    Microsoft-Windows-LocalPack-AU-Package~31bf3856ad364e35~x86~~6.1.7600.16385 | Install Pending | Local Pack | 14-Jul-09 07:54

    Microsoft-Windows-LocalPack-CA-Package~31bf3856ad364e35~x86~~6.1.7600.16385 | Install Pending | Local Pack | 14-Jul-09 07:54

    Microsoft-Windows-LocalPack-GB-Package~31bf3856ad364e35~x86~~6.1.7600.16385 | Install Pending | Local Pack | 14-Jul-09 07:55

    Microsoft-Windows-LocalPack-US-Package~31bf3856ad364e35~x86~~6.1.7600.16385 | Install Pending | Local Pack | 14-Jul-09 07:55

    Microsoft-Windows-LocalPack-ZA-Package~31bf3856ad364e35~x86~~6.1.7600.16385 | Install Pending | Local Pack | 14-Jul-09 07:55

    The operation completed successfully.

  10. Win7 Toolkit and Win7 Ultimate 64-bit w/SP1

    Component Removal > Windows 7 Ultimate > Select > Component Remover > Mounting > ?

    There are only four (4) items listed:


    Picture Samples - Picture Samples (Green highlight)


    Delete WinSXS\Backup - Deletes WinSXS backup folder, you will not be able to uninstall updates (Green highlight)

    Windows Setup DVD

    Delete "Support" folder - Deletes the Support folder on the DVD (no colored highlight)

    Delete "Upgrade" folder - Deletes the Support folder on the DVD (no colored highlight)

    First question: Should there be more items? I expected a lot more; especially after looking at the example on the forum.

    Second, Should the Picture Samples be changed to read: Delete Picture Samples (under Description)?

    Third, Delete "Upgrade" folder - should read Deletes the Upgrade folder on the DVD (under Description)?

    Exited > says Discaring Image - should say: Discarding Image

  11. I'm thinking of having a go at making W7T work with XP Addons. What do you think?

    If you want you can link to some XP addons and i will try and get those ones working with W7T.

    Locations of XP addons for consideration as addons for W7Toolkit:

    nLite: http://www.winaddons.com/nlite-addons

    xable: http://xable.net/

    RyanVM: http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/ - when this page is viewed you'll notice multiple discussions/locations of XP addons and update packs; navigating around the site will also present many compatible with XP x64.

    RyanVM and Windows 7: http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewforum.php?f=29 - includes a [Guide] Assembling & Integrating a Win7 AIO Update Pack and DxIntegrator syntax for Win7 Addon Makers; these instructions are for making addons for the Dx Integrator. When created these addons must have True_Addons in their name for use with the DxIntegrator but are compatible with the RyanVM Integrator for use with XP.

    DriverPacks and Windows 7: http://forum.driverpacks.net/viewforum.php?id=45 has possible useful information

    Hope this can make creating/providing addons a bit easier

  12. W7Toolkit and Win7 Ultimate 64-bit w/SP1

    The W7Toolkit file Settings.Txt contains those items the user has set when Options > Main and Options > Misc have been selected and Apply Settings is invoked. (It would be easier to read the text file if the settings were listed alphbetically.)

    One of the items in Settings.txt: sSolDownload=\Win7 Toolkit\SoLor\ points to the location of the SoLor Updates. When SoLor Updates is selected a double paned window appears and in the left window the top Select Type box includes this same location setting with a Browse button available to change that setting. I would change this from Select Type:, which is really misnamed to Select Location: - this is what it actually is doing.

    Next is another Select Type: box which can be changed depending on the whether Win7 x64 or x86 or Office 2010 x64 or x86 is selected. The SoLor button, when selected takes the user to the SoLor FTP web site.

    The right window pane is a listing of KB numbers updated/added/removed by date. (I'm not sure how useful this is as I doubt anyone is going to go through the listing and select itmes in the left pane based on what they read in the right pane.)

    So, with the location of the x86 SoLOr updates showing in the top Select Type: box and the bottom Select Type: box showing Windows 7 x86 why is that if I now select Scan am I presented with a Note - Please make sure you select the folder with x86 updates! This should be self-evident by the items already selected and visible in the boxes in question.

    If I then select the OK button, from the Note box (above) I am presented with a Browse For Folder box - why? That information has already been presented and shown in the Select Type: boxes. (Extra steps would seem to not be needed and can be changed as necessary when SoLOr Updates is initially selected.)

  13. Using XP addons would be great - there are quite a few and it would save having to do multiple downloads for many users.

    There are addons for XP x64 so I'm guessing they would also be compatible with W7Toolkit and Win7 64-bit?

  14. W7Toolkit and Win Ultimate 64-bit w/SP1

    Start W7Toolkit > Options > Main > Logging > Both options have check marks > Apply Settings

    With W7Toolkit still running I checked it's installation folder and did not see that any kind of LOG file was running or had been created - is this how it's supposed to be? I was assuming the creation of a LOG file would start when W7Toolkit was started.

    I ask this because I am familier with the process when using RyanVM Integrator in XP - when it is started you can see the log file being created as actions are taken.

  15. W7Toolkit and Win7 Ultimate w/SP1

    For the installation and future use of the W7Toolkit I had created folders/subfolders as follows:




    \\Updates 32

    \\Updates 64

    The main program in \Win7Toolkit; \Addons for those programs; \Logs - when/if the W7Toolkit creates them (see previous comments in this forum somewhere, right now I don't remember the location); \Updates ** for the appropriate SoLOr downloads.

    I would much prefer the W7Tookit be written to remember where the \Updates ** folder(s) is/are located and search them for comparison with the latest from SoLor when that option is selected.

    To maintain consistency with what is shown when Services.MSC is run and with what is shown when the Service tab is selected I suggest all those items that have the word 'Services' as part of their description in Services.MSC be continuesd in the Services Tab. For one thing, the present listing in the Services tab does include 'Services' in some and not others with no rationale given for the differences and second; from my own experiences when trying to help novices/beginners, they will be totally confused/upset if the descriptions are not exactly the same and the forum could be inundated with questions on this subject.

    But, for all that, the W7Toolkit is coming along just fine and the author is to be congratulated for all the good work.

  16. W7Toolkit and Win7 64-bit w/SP1

    I went through all the postings and could not find any mention of issues with driver selection.

    To make things easy I had created a directory structure as follows:

    \Win7 Drivers 64

    \\11-4_win7_64_dd_ccc_ocl (AMD/ATI video drivers and applications)




    \\JMicron SATA RAID AHCI



    \\Rapid Storage Technology



    \\WebCam Pro eX

    Started W7Toolkit and at the Drivers tab > +Add Drivers I navigated to \Win7 Drivers 64 and the listing shown included only the drivers in the following locations:

    \Win7 Drivers 64\uGuru

    \Win7 Drivers 64\Monitor

    \Win7 Drivers 64\LAN

    \Win7 Drivers 64\Infinst

    Why not all of the drivers? I checked all of them for an .INF file and they were in subfolders so why were they not included? I did try going to the individual folders with the .INF files and selecting them but it made no difference; they were not added to the drivers listing.

    Also, selecting Save/Load does not work - when clicked I get a Save or Load option; if Save selected an error box appears: Invalid Items - You need to check some items first! OK - Hard to select anything when there are no check boxes for any items in Drivers. (When I had made selections in Options and Tweaks and selected Save I was presented a folder and name option to save the settings; so I know that function worked for those items.)

    More; clicking the Name column heading did not alphabetize the listing - it should.

  17. W7Toolkit - Win7 Ultimate w/SP1

    Services tab, items listed have empty check boxes; if any of these are checked is that status maintained in a configuration file somewhere so that the items appear next time with the boxes already checked? (I did notice that if I put a check in a box a window pops ups asking me how I want the service to start.) (Also - I did click 'More Service Info' and noticed the Black Viper page appeared with information for all.)

    Tweaks tab, items listed have empty check boxes; same question as above - are they maintained?

    Options tab, some boxes are checked, some are not; same question as above - are they maintained?

    I think these three questions are important in that once I make selections I think are correct for my system(s) I would like to think W7Toolkit mainains a configuration file that I could save and/or copy somewhere just in case of crashes/problems/failures/etc. What I was thinking of is a Save Settings selection somewhere in the bottom margin - similar to Idle... which is shown.

    Also, I'd like to be able to expand the open window left/right up/down rather than having to use the scroll bar - any way to do this?

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