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  1. Vista Microsoft Management Console for XP SP3 by Picassa243


    MMC unifies and simplifies day-to-day system management tasks. It hosts tools and displays them as consoles. These tools, consisting of one or more applications, are built with modules called snap-ins. The snap-ins also can include additional extension snap-ins. MMC is a core part of Microsoft's management strategy and is included in Microsoft Windows
  2. Online Armor Free v2 by Tall Emu


    Online Armor FREE is our powerful windows firewall - the only FREE firewall to offer 100% leak protection out of the box! It's easy to use, powerful - and completely free. Online Armor is straightforward, and simple to use.

    Online Armor includes powerful "HIPS" functions, which give you the ability to stop all unrecognised programs from running on your computer unless you say so, making it possible to protect yourself against these new attacks. Of course, programs Online Armor knows are safe will be allowed to run, no problem.

    This is different to a pure Antivirus program - these let any program run, unless they know it is a virus. This means that it must have that that exact threat in its database before it can do anything about it. Your antivirus will completely ignore programs it does not recognise - which unfortunately includes new viruses.

    Some notes:

    * Unfortunately, it persists to run after the installation, so it runs during the svcpack stage. Just close it or let it run its wizard to save some time later.

    ** It's a firewall, a good one, but it's not an antivirus. Get NOD32 or something.

    *** Like any other firewall, it takes time to teach it which programs can be trusted, a few days.

    MD5 - 79bb9bec48f01e3269406c8c072a15c8

    Size - 9.86MB


    Enjoy! :)

  3. Well, all the ICQ users hate ICQ6, it's heavy, ugly and ... full of crappy banners.

    That's why many prefer the old 5.1.


    When you run 5.1, after the installation, it asks you to upgrade to 6, or close ICQ, so you have no choice.

    That's why...

    Someone made the update patch, it just stops this crappy message and lets you use ICQ 5.1. :)

    1)So... should I make a ICQ 5.1 addon with the patch?

    2)Is it legal to create a ICQ addon without all the banners? Anyone knows if it's against the TOS?


  4. location-bar.png

    Firefox 3.0 by Mozilla

    MD5: 8159cf7d4c71ae5b1076d3c01660e550

    Size: 8.91 MB


    I removed all the search engines except Google and Wikipedia.

    Includes the following plugins:

    (Sorry, I use Office 2K3, I don't have 2k7)



    Edit: fixed the link. Sorry. :blush:

  5. Inexperience_Patcher_0_7_1_by_vertigosity.jpg

    Simple, quick AddOn. Installs quickly. Works perfectly on SP2, I think it doesn't work on SP3.

    InExperience Patcher 0.7.1 by Vertogisty

    Wallpaper from the screenshot

    This is a shell modification pack that replaces XPish resources with their counterparts from Windows 2000 (with bits taken from Windows ME, screenshots of Whistler betas ... It also includes a reloader to re-Inexperience your system files if necessary, and an uninstaller to restore them to their original state. It is designed to work on all language versions and editions of Windows XP and Server 2003. 64-bit versions of Windows are NOT supported.

    Size - 944KB. Adds about 1MB to the setup disc.

    MD5 - 1d0e27adb8d621d9dfb50ae7caf62378


  6. I have nothing against Turkish people, but I wanted my topic to be in the English SVCPACK forum. I'm israeli myself, so I understand how it feels ...

    I'm really sorry if I hurt anyone, I'm really confused and stressed these days. I'm 16, I have lots of school exams and concerts...

  7. Y'z Shadow version 1.9 by M. Yamaguchi

    Adds a shadow and transparent effects to Windows. This program is used in the Vista Inspirat BrickoPack.

    Y'z Shadow works without any registry keys, it simply extracts the files in Program Files and creates a startup shortcut.

    Screenshot (taken by me, tested on Virtual PC) -


    Size - 230KB

    MD5 - 08c1f8a554f0c5f6de16e002210992ec


    Mirror (Rapidshare)

  8. t5nm8p.png

    Another screenshot here.

    Takes much less resources, and looks the same. The addon installs Rainmeter and a fix that makes it Vista'ish, instead of the manual way.

    The addon creates desktop/start menu shortcuts, and puts a vista-like configuration file (as seen above - puts the clock, slideshow and RSS gadgets).

    Addon is optimized for 19' , 1280x1024 . If you have a smaller/bigger screen, you'll have to change the default settings.

    Vista Rainbar V4 by Gavatx

    Size - 5.81MB

    MD5 - 05f94701477fbabea4d6f500df869870


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