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  1. Hi Ricks !

    I'd like to create the shortcut below to uninstall my app (KO Approach). Does it work ?


    Name =Uninstall KO Approach,0x00000008,23

    CmdLine ="rundll32.exe advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection %17%\Approach.inf,Uninstall.KOA <-- THIS COMMAND

    SubDir =KO Approach

    WorkingDir=16422,KO Approach

    IconPath =11,,shell32.dll

    IconIndex =110


  2. Hi everybody !

    I'm newbie :blush: on addon inf installer and I need ur help for my 1rst future & multilanguage addon : KO Approach 0.4.3.

    Would u please translate strings below in Russian, Simple Chinese (zh-CN), Traditional Chinese (zh-TW) ?

    Tip ="Your prefered desktop Shell Enhancement !"

    Loc_InsTitle ="KO Approach Installer"

    Loc_InsQuest ="Do you want to install KO Approach v.0.4.3?"

    Loc_EndInsPrompt ="Congratulations, KO Approach was installed successfully."

    Loc_UninsTitle ="KO Approach Uninstaller"

    Loc_UninsQuest ="Are you sure you want to uninstall KO Approach v.0.4.3 from your computer?"

    Loc_EndUninsPrompt="Congratulations, KO Approach was uninstalled successfully."

    As this utility only have 5 language files (French, Russian, Simple Chinese, Traditional Chinese), I'd like to have it in Dutch, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil & Portugal) & Turkish too.

    Any volonteer ?

    You can download English Reference File (a regular XML file in the UTF-8 code page) to create a localized language file.

    THANKS ;) ! (and sorry about my poor english)


  3. Hi Bober !

    [sorry for my poor english :P ]

    Any ideas about following resources :D : ACLEDIT.DLL, ACLUI.DLL,CERTWIZ.OCX (XP SP3), HNETCFG.DLL, INETMGR.DLL (bmps), NTMSMGR.DLL (bmps 222 & 223), SYSMON.OCX ?

    Like u can guess, i'm user (Ricks' version 1rst, yours after) of this great utility and ressources(but in french ,fr-FR). Then, can i publish fr-FR version of your resources here and at this French updatepacks & addons site

  4. Thanks for your quick reply Rick ! You're the best. :thumbsup_anim:

    You're right about the fogotten line. So i reupload the complete file.

    And this links to download Vista SP1 french files. Sorry for delay.

    1)Mediafire : http://www.mediafire.com/?exjw4vi2awm

    2)Megaupload : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=5C9ADGJ1

    One more question. Do you know what library or other kind of file moded to change (not RENAME) " My Computer " [ Poste de travail, in French] icon from XP setup files ? I want to have same icon name than Vista french editons [ Ordinateur ].

    Thanks again.


  5. Hi Ricks !

    Thanks again & again for your great job and for this addon.(For the next, sorry for my English).

    I send to you the french Vista Sidebar SP1 files & the translated install/uninstall file too.

    What about Vista Sp1 Game? I tried to patch them with Alky 1.1.No success. :(

    1---> I've got some errors [ with Chess.exe + Mahjong.exe only] about a procedure entries missing in Alky library (i forgot the exact name.)

    2---> Games are translated in french, but do not work.

    3---> Games version goes from 6.0.6001.18000 to 6.0.6000.1683

    Please, Help. Any idea to fix all of that :g: ? A tuto that you've the secret will appreciate.

    NB:Uploading of Vista SP1 fr-FR (7z compressed, 2.89 Mb)files failed.I try again later.


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