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    loren reacted to Geej in Foxit Reader v6.1.1.1031   
    Foxit Reader v6.1.1.1031 (final update by me)

    ********* About this addon package ************************
    Foxit Reader comes with the following characteristics:
    No ASK toolbar no V9.com No Foxit Search Bar Only 1 Start Menu shortcut Removed Add Banner in foxit reader window. Associate as default PDF file handler English, neutral, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese_Brazilian & Turkish. (unneeded lang files are automatically removed) Default skin is blue* Included plugins: Firefox Plugin & Foxit Spell Checker. Includes PDF virtual printer  
    To change skin/lang/Toolbar, see instruction in [Remark] section of inf

    To view PDF web address in browser, navigate to this address in IE/Firefox/Opera/SeaMonkey/Pale Moon:
    You should be able to view the pdf file within it's browser, instead of prompt to download or open with Foxit Reader.

    Spanish version hosted by luis here

    Size: 54.86 Mb (57,752,117 bytes)
    MD5: 4EEC9D57831503D8F6413DE050163AB4

    Compatible with win7 x86 (just extract the .cab to get the silent installer.exe)

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    loren reacted to Jonnyboy in [Tool] FFaM v1.0.2.11   
    FFaM v1.0.2.11
    Updated 23 July 2012

    It can be frustrating to manually reinstall Firefox with all its extensions, themes, personas and other add-ons. Even for those administrators who need to deploy Firefox on hundreds of network computers will find it a cumbersome task to do it manually. To assist you in building a silent Firefox installer with all of the settings preset, here is Firefox Addon Maker.
    [*] This is a application written in C# that will create a silent installer.
    [*] The addons and installers can be created in Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7, 32-bit or 64-bit.
    [*] The addons and installers can be installed in Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7, 32-bit or 64-bit.
    [*] You can create an installer with all of your settings intact, an installer with no modifications. Or, anything in between.
    Choose From:
    [*] Mozilla Firefox usually has 3 versions posted, the Current version, the Previous version and the Beta version.
    [*] Insert personal items, such as: bookmarks, passwords, cookies, history and preferences, extensions data and sessions.
    [*] Insert other items, such as: extensions, plugins, components, searchplugins, dictionaries and modules.
    [*] Disable the Migration Wizard that runs on first boot.
    [*] Disable the Compatibility Wizard when upgrading versions.
    [*] Disable the Crash Reporter.
    [*] Set Firefox as the default browser.
    [*] Use Resource Hacker on the Firefox.exe file and replace the icon set with your choice of a custom icon set.
    [*] Create a Silent Installer that can be used in a live, RVM or WPI.
    [*] Create shortcuts on the desktop, pinned to the Start Menu, in Start MenuPrograms, the Quick Launch toolbar, pinned to Quick Launch or a user selectd folder in Start MenuPrograms.
    [*] Can create the "Pinned Apps" shortcut on the taskbar and Start Menu for some Windows 7 users (23 languages currently supported).
    [*] Choose from any language pack available for the version of Firefox that you choose, this is dependant on the languages currently posted by Mozilla.
    [*] Choose the current Firefox installation path (if you have more than one version installed).
    [*] Choose to use your current Firefox Installation to build installers or addons, instead of downloading the same version to create the installer.
    [*] Choose the profile to use to make the addon, it does not have to be yours. So long as you have access to the profile. The profile can be located anywhere in your system.
    [*] Choose the installation path for the firefox installer. You can choose to install to any folder on the system drive.
    [*] Choose the profile name and location. You can choose to create a profile of almost any name and place that profile in almost any folder on the system drive.
    [*] Automatically downloads the current version of Adobe Shockwave (slim or full) Player and Adobe Flash Player 32-bit or 64-bit.
    [*] Installs the current version plugins: Media Player, Office 2007 and Macromedia Authorware.
    [*] It is completely uninstallable from within "Add or Remove Programs". It now uses the same installation process as the original files.
    [*] This is completely upgradeable.
    [*] It is not required to run the installer with 'Run As' Administrator, this is preset in the installer. If UAC is enabled, you will be prompted to allow the installer to make changes to your system.
    [*] Windows XP
    [*] Vista
    [*] Windows 7
    [*] 32-bit or 64-bit
    [*] M$ Windows .NET 3.5
    [*] Internet Connection
    [*] Resource Hacker - Angus Johnson
    [*] 7-zip - Igor Pavlov
    [*] 7zsd.sfx - Oleg N. Scherbakov
    [*] GoRC.exe - Jeremy Gordon
    [*] Icons - KM7MK created a few of the icons and I created the rest from images found on the net. If, you created any of the images used in these icons, message me and I'll give you the proper credit.
    [*] Anyone that is willing to request additional options and functionality, must be willing to put in the time required to test those additions.

    SHA1: B33C966BC80517B6DC5D6BE559CD783167AC2589
    File size: 2.62MB
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