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  1. Hey why not advertise louder we are using warez???

    that is not warez please, sorry, It is a legal CD integration made with sp3 from MSDN ..

    ah! may be because i quoted a name from a thread somewhere, sorry if that caused some irritation

  2. hmm, I have been also testing out this since version 3.6:-

    I'm using the purple version for the tests on "ENGLISH WINDOWS XP PRO SP3" .

    Version 3.6 /a were somewhat OK, but since then these versions 3.7,8,9 have problems with the task manager. It seems not properly patched and a click on the menu of the task manger, it "disappears" like thunder.

  3. After slipstreeming OnePiece_Windows_XP_Post-SP3_UpdatePack_v3.7.0_ENU.7z on a clean WindowsXpSp3 Source by RVM_Integrator_1.6.1b2.1.

    There appeared following error.


    The system can not find the file specified


    On bypassing this error setup goes smooth over but the system could not boot hang.

    I did an integration and got no errors whatsoever(burnt it on A CD and I'm using it as I type now), can I assume you burnt this on a CD also and thereafter made the installation( If so ,It reminds me of a case long time a go when my burn process wasn't done well on the CD-which in my case was a CDRW and was corrupted or missed some bits/whatever).

    I would suggest to make a virtual install before to make sure this error isn't on the integration.

    wish you the best

  4. copy and pestthis makeiso.cmd to Urs windows\System32 folder

    and check again.

    I have done already 2 times; normally when you right click any folder e.g on desktop, one should make an ISO of this folder (in this case on the desktop).

    This doesn't work any more since version 15. can you try this on your system on any folder on the desktop and see if it works?.What works is when I make an iso in the system folder(with your workout )

    NB:- I have a small knowledge of what this script is doing and it doesn't work as it used to work on version 14 (like charm)

    Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.

    Thank you

  5. I will do a fresh integration in the order here, would I put the sidebar to be integrated last any suggestions would help. Thanks

    experience has shown that you should do all your integration addons and thereafter the "sidebar" as a separate(alone) Addon on Nlite.

    i have never had any problems since -over almost 100 integrations..


  6. I still have problems with Desktop Search. It works fine after running your batch file that you previously posted. I'm curious as to why that is necessary. I don't think it is an error in my builds, I think most people remove Desktop Search, so they don't ever notice the problem.

    Anybody's feedback is welcome. I'd like to resolve this problem.

    are you talking about "Windows Search"? . This slows down many PCs and my advice is to disable or remove it( It is actually useless-in my opinion)

    As regards its integration, all works well with me and there are no problems whatsoever even after installation

  7. Hello, i'm hoping you can help me, I just downloaded your pack as the RyanVM pack is well out of date.. But i get errors about files already being there in nlite. I am using XP pro with SP2 then slipstreaming SP3 into it. the errors i get aren't always the same files. Sometimes it's once every 2 or 3 minutes, othertimes it's like now and i only had two, all lead to a bad iso...

    Is there any reason why this is happening? i've tried reripping my XP disc many times. but without luck

    and for the first time i got this.

    "H-The requested operation cannot be performed on a file with a user-mapped section open.

    Please report this error is it's unexpected

    why don't you use RVMIntergrator, it does the job better than nlite

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