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  1. sorry if you meant what I replied above, All I wanted to say that I used bober patch on the CD and it worked out fine. I have not tried the GUI since then, so I couldn't make any reasonable feedback, but if you want I can test it too again on virtual box and let you know accordingly..

    Hey you are doing a very nice job here and i didn't mean to.. or anything you may think about..

    so heads up and a nice day /evening whatever.

  2. Thanks for the feedback. I'll incorporate changes needed to support IE8. And I'll also look into the missing files thingy..... Hopefully, I'll have a solution sooner rather than later. Tell me, what IE8 addon are you using?

    EDIT: It might also be helpful if you would list the files that are missing from the source folder.

    problem solved, Bober had it correctly done

    Thank you

  3. Have you tested your XP source with IE8 integrated into it on a real system or VM? If not, please do so before reporting back. Because if your OS is missing files, the GUI can't patch what is not there.

    I have made a CD installation with all my Addons and ie8 and it installs fine on Virtual box, then I patched the whole set with the GUI and tried to install this on Virtual box and it shows these missing files.. that was the reason for my asking..

    A nice evening

  4. uh, now i read the last line of first post, its stated that nlite doesnt support this removal addons :(

    ill try to remove them with ryans then.

    your problem is not nlite I think, there is "Microsoft_Silverlight_v2.0.40115.0" in tha t OnePiece_Addon. I suggest you try to integrate this one separately, then re do the process with "DotNetFx_All_In_1_Addon_v2.4.7z

    Kels_Runtimes_addon_v5.1.rar" also separately and then other Addons. This a personal experience I have made with some Addons.

    Hope this can help somewhat.

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