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  1. - Make a new folder called SVCPACK and put Kels silent installer in it

    - Now create a New->Text Document and rename it Entries_JRE.ini and add the following

    ; Java Runtime Environment addon py kelsenellenelvian |
    description=Java Runtime Environment.
    title=Java Runtime Environment



    - Zip, Rar, Cab or 7-Zip the Entries_*.ini and SVCPACK folder together and name it Kels_JRE1.6.0_11_addon

    Thank you very much Rick..appreciated

  2. Ok, so i think i get how this works now.. I got bitlord working but having little problems with other programs like "AIM"! for AIM i used the switch command "Setup.exe /S" that i found when i click on "Identify Installer" so it can silently install AIM but it doesnt, AIM always pops up asking to agree and continue. Any suggestions? heres a picture below:


    what an untidy PC is this..if I may be excused to say so-- sorry

  3. What's Changed in v5.2.3.1:

    - SFX "GUIMode" issue has been corrected.

    - Fixed update issue where language file wasn't listed for updating like it should of.

    - Serbian language has been removed from the addon INF.


    bjfrog and qwesta: Thanks for the bug reports. I've fixed those issues. Sorry about that.

    bjfrog: I'm sorry. I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "more skin thanks"....

    Thank you but now the following :-

    Program configuration- menu- nothing works at all ;options:- "uncheck ..anything " doesn't work e.g "start with windows" or delete icons on Program exit"

    do you mind to fix this too? I'm testing the cab version

    Thank you

  4. What's Changed in v5.2.2.2:

    - Minor change in code to fix the update downloading/installing code. (Incomplete)

    - Updated Czech language file, courtsey of khagaroth.

    What's Changed in v5.2.3.0:

    - Update code fixed. Another function resized the updates array before the script could use the contents.....

    - String formatting code modified so that using "%s2" in the string specifies using second string first.

    This update cannot be downloaded using v5.2.0.0, v5.2.1.0, or v5.2.2.x because of the above mentioned problems with the update code.

    can you remove that "serbia lang inf" request when installing..

    It pops up and one has to cancel to continue.

    Thank you

  5. I still have some question here:-

    I did all what was needed, but when I try to install using the Adoon, it installs all fils on the desktop instead of "/program files"( I chose desktop for Addon installation path- thought this would be the destination of my Addon)

    can you explain how I can get this correct?

    Thank you

  6. That error is usually caused by rerunning the script a second time. I thought that I had it fixed. For now, press F5 before running a second time. Or, close the program and re-open. The next update will close the program.


    sorry tried it over 5 times here, same story. tried also to check/uncheck global.. all in vain

    I may have to wait for another fix( 500 version works nevertheless)

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