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  1. 1 minute ago, Final Aeon said:

    What is Luminati integration? Is it DotNET too or is it native Win32?

    I think it's .NET as well. The issue is not with .NET though, but with accessing library file that contains the API. Since that file is embedded in the ISO Downloader, it's a mystery to me why you get a FileNotFound exception.

    Anyway, you have a workaround now. I'll inquire with Luminati whether they have an idea about this issue.

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for the feedback. Please try the attached modified version 5.23. If it works fine for you, I'll re-release it officially as version 5.24.

    You've asked about version 5.22. It had a severe bug. I decided not to upload it to HeiDoc. Only a few copies sneaked through that I distributed manually. Should you by coincidence ever come across it (very unlikely), better avoid it.


  3. Version 5.23 (7 November 2017): Improved error handling; added Windows 10 Fall Creators Update; added Windows 10 builds 16296, 16299, 17015, 17025, 17030 (including developer tools); added Office 2016 for Mac build 15.39; added logout button for Microsoft account; added interface to Luminati network (see FAQ for details); new option to remember settings such as language.

    If there are any concerns about the Luminati integration, please let me know. This is sort of an experiment to recover some income now that Amazon.com has closed our affiliates account...

  4. I remember reading an announcement that MS no longer provides fresh ISOs for Win 10 N. I'm not able to find the page again where this was said...

    From what I can see, the files are also not available on MSDN, which would corroborate my memory.

    You could still install version 1709 through Windows Update (although I can see that this would be awfully cumbersome...)

  5. Correct! Everything is prepared for October 17 :-D

    Error message 715-123130 occurs when your IP address or Microsoft account gets banned for downloading too many files. Just wait 24 hours, and the ban gets lifted automatically. Also, logging in with an education accound (and probably with a business account as well) lifts the ban instantly.

  6. 16 minutes ago, moerderpuppe said:

    I've installed <Windows ISO Download> willing to donwload the ISO of Windows 7 Ultimate. The thing is the program says something about my internet connection. Weird since theres nothing wrong with my internet. Anyways...

    Have a look at this thread: 

    16 minutes ago, moerderpuppe said:

    Is there any other place to download it? 

    For the time being, use this one: https://software-download.microsoft.com/pr/Win7_Ult_SP1_Portuguese_COEM_x64.iso?t=bb0f2623-89bd-4739-9ee0-334db67a80b0&e=1507984188&h=72c31bb2d79bab03effc24f43788ec54 (link will expire in 24 hours).

  7. 23 hours ago, NIM said:

    @Jan Krohn

    If you want, I can send those donations to you Jan.

    As I said, don't worry about these. Consider them a pre Chirstmas bonus. B)

    1 hour ago, mooms said:

    We maybe should move those messages elsewhere, they are completely off-topic here.

    Agreed. I just tried, and failed. I could have split, merged, edited or deleted the posts, but found nowhere to move them. @NIM please help.

  8. 11 hours ago, Lucky41 said:

    I've also the same issue. All Microsoft pages are available. I'm not understand the error message.

    Any insights from the FAQ?

    A: This is your local connection issue, and can have a number of root causes:

    • You have modified your HOSTS file. Please remove the following two lines. aa.online-metrix.net c.bing.com
    • You have installed software that prevents scripts from modifying secure websites, such as certain adblockers, firewalls or similar security related software.
    • You have disabled TLS 1.2 in your internet settings. You can enable it again in the control panel in the Internet Options category.
    • In rare cases, starting the tool as administrator can resolve the issue.
    • In rare cases, installing the latest Windows updates, or updating Internet Explorer or the .NET framework to the latest version can resolve the issue.
  9. I think I know now why the payment has gone to Nik. Sponsor subscriptions are set up by recipient email address (for existing subscriptions, that's Nik and Thibaud).

    After changing the Multipass account, I'll send a message to all current sponsers to check and update their subscriptions.

    @NIM Don't worry about any payments you receive until this is done.

  10. On 9/30/2017 at 5:10 PM, pennsylvaniaron said:

    I know this is off topic. I was charged $10 yesterday to my CC. Has something to do with Wincert. The seller's name is  Nikica M. It also might be a recurring charge, possibly every year. Before I dispute this does anyone recognize what it could be? I don't believe we pay to be a member of Wincert.



    I just found this post. I'll investigate next week.

    Multipass is still registered with Thibaud. I wanted to replace it with Google Contributor, but getting approved is taking ages. I'm giving up on that now. I'll transfer the Multipass account this month. For existing subscribers, nothing will change.

    WinCert will remain free and ad supported.

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