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  1. Hi,

    I know VS17 ISO doesn't exist as we have to create via downloading file from server but isn't there any process to download file manually as if connection is terminated or the process become laggy and sometimes starts from Starting. I tried downloading but have no success.

    I also doesn't like downloading unofficial ISO prefer from Microsoft Site only. I was just asking that how the heck to compress 56 GB ISO to 13~18 GB ISO.

    I'm attaching 2 Images 1. ISO Detail of Torrent 2. When I asked about the Compression from Uploader

    ISO Detail.JPG

    Uploader Comment.JPG

  2. Hi Jan,

    Thanks for Windows ISO Down-loader Helped me a lot.

    A Request Can you create or add option to download visual studio 2017 in compressed ISO.

    BTW have you heard of "TEAMOS-HKRG" there is a member "The Rain" His/Her torrent for windows iso are truly compressed 

    I downloaded File Sizes "16 GB Visual Studio 2017" and when opened it was 56 GB of Sized VS17 Pro,Community and Enterprise Edition.

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