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  1. Ok, for some reason you can't connect. What version are you using? If you are using anything that is relying on TechBench (before 3.05), then update to a newer version. By looking at the JIT log, you have at lease 8.00 and the version should not be a problem. If you still can't generate a download link, I can get one for you. Also, install all Windows updated and IE updates.



  2. Actually, PROGMAN.EXE from Windows 3.1 works on Windows 10 64 Bit... With my NTVDM. It looks horrible and doesn't even have an icon on my taskbar! Even worst, you can't close it without signing out because it was designed as a shell.

    A few pictures:

    1. Got it running, 



    2. Things just doesn't work...



    3. When you try to close it... End your Windows session?



    4. Sure! I'll see whats going to happen... Another dialog?



    5. NO! All my unsaved work!!!😡🤬😭😭 I probably shouldn't click "Yes"





  3. Hummm, interesting. Although I can't understand the text fully, "預先輸入序號的方式" probably is talking about the key pre-entered in the process of generating the link (Windows 7 and Office 2010)... Not pre-activating the download and please buy a genuine license/key to activate Office 2016.



  4. 9 hours ago, Jan Krohn said:

    The downloads come directly from Microsoft, so they don't drain my server anyway.

    Well, I know that but isn't the downloader largely serve based?

    9 hours ago, Jan Krohn said:

    The concrete issues are:

    * The monthly gap caused by the Amazon ban is still at about $1,000, which would be required for operating cost, building some reserves, and paying my own salary. Since I can't cut operating cost, I'm cutting the other two. That's okay. It would be better not to have a gap, but it's manageable, and maybe could even be covered by using a different advertiser.

    * 75% of the income is still from the European and Australian Amazons, so I continue to be very much dependent on one mega company, which has already proven to be an untrustworthy bully in the past. Not good. If they decide to also cut me off, then the disaster is complete. So I need to know the alternatives; need to know what works, which advertisers pay well etc.

    So the main problem is about having an alternative advertiser that pays well incase that the company you rely on cuts you off.

    If I was you, I would do some research and hopefully find an alternative🤔.



  5. Actually, I've been thinking about how to help you to get out of this terrible situation for quite some time now😒

    Running the server and everything costs money and I think it would be good if we could download everything and add them to torrent files. That will give users more choices, for example that I have all the N versions of Windows 7 (Downloaded from TechBench few years ago) and you don't need an insider account for some of those products, no IP blocking and no server costs. The problem with that is there must be lots of seeders but I don't think that is going to be a big problem.

    Anyway, that is the best idea I could think of... Sorry that I can't provide you with any better ideas.



  6. Another idea,

    Make 3 versions of Windows ISO Downloader:


    • Free to download All Windows and Office Editions that does not require keys.
    • Lots of Ads.
    • The user must watch a video to generate links.


    • Be able to generate 2 key-dependent links per computer, just for people to try or generate links for emergency uses.
    • The user may get one extra download every time they share your post about Amazon.com.
    • Lots of Ads.
    • The user must watch a video to generate links


    • Able to generate links of all products available.
    • Free to people who have donated or contributed.
    • No Ads.
    • The user could choose to watch videos or they could skip it.

    This might help you a bit... Who knows.




  7. If I recall correctly, Microsoft wanted to replace Win32 Executable with HTML and JAVA SCRIPT based apps (Microsoft Neptune and some early UWP Apps). It is pretty much impossible to actually convert HTML to EXE (HTML is hyper text markup language and it need to be processed by other applications to display, cannot be loaded directly into memory), but it is possible to append or compress the HTML and all its related files to an EXE, then open it in an embedded HTML viewer. Most of those converted EXE files are Internet Explorer dependent.



  8. Note: Project cancelled.

    After experimenting for a week and a half, I finally came up with a solution on running 16-bit Windows apps on 64-bit (AMD64) Windows Platform. Long mode addressing in x86-64 architecture cannot handle 16-bit addressing using virtual 8086 safely so Microsoft dropped native 16-bit architecture support in 64-bit Windows and we must fully emulate the 8086 processor under emulators to run legacy 16-bit apps (DOS and Windows apps). We know that 32-bit Windows have a feature called NTVDM (NT Virtual DOS Machine) which is capable of emulating 8086 processor natively and it is why you can run all those 16-bit apps under Win32, but what if we make this feature available in 64-bit Windows? Yes, some of you might know NTVDM64, but that does not work very well (if it work at all) and it cannot run 16-bit Windows apps, so I came up with the idea of creating another 64-bit NTVDM which will be integrated into windows and is capable of running 16-bit Windows and DOS apps.

    When it comes to 16-bit Windows apps, some experienced users might say WineVDM, yes it works but not perfectly. My project is based on WineVDM but with additional fixes. 

    Basically, this project will be a combination of NTVDM and a Win16 subsystem.

    A few pictures to start you off:


    Windows 1.01 Apps running on Windows 10 1809 64-bit! 


    Good old MS-DOS Editor! Finally running again!


    So what if we install a 16-bit software? I dug up Resource Workshop 4.5 and tried it.. the installer didn't work and after doing some extra work, I managed to get it installed... on Windows 10 64 Bit...


    It works perfectly, now I don't need to run my VM, copy all the files I want to work with to the VM and start Resource Workshop, I just need to run it and I can get on with the work far easier and more efficient!



    So, I can't release this to you right now because I am still working on it (very unstable) and I am still working in the integration with Windows;).



  9. Cool, you've done it!

    On 12/1/2018 at 5:48 PM, Nirav Narang said:

    Great! I installed it and i can run the progman! i want to know what is the registry thing? actually why when ever i try running progman from windows 3.1, it says app can't run on your computer, what did you do to remove the error?

    The registry thing is for setting Program Manager as your default shell. The default shell for Windows 95 and above is Windows Explorer (explorer.exe) which is responsible for making the Start Button, the Taskbar and your Desktop appear. After setting Program Manager (progman.exe) as your shell, Start Button, Taskbar and your desktop won't appear anymore, just like Windows 3.x. Backup your registry before doing it and you probably won't like it as your shell.

    On 12/1/2018 at 5:48 PM, Nirav Narang said:

    why when ever i try running progman from windows 3.1, it says app can't run on your computer, what did you do to remove the error?

    You are running "Windows 10 x64" which is 64 Bit and Program Manager from Windows 3.1 is 16 Bit. 64 Bit Windows can run 32 Bit apps (IA-64 probably won't), 32 Bit Windows can run 16 Bit apps, but 64 Bit Windows can't handle 16 Bit apps. How I did it is I took Program Manager from Windows XP (32 Bit) which is a 32 Bit version of the Windows 3.1 Program Manager.



  10. No, not possible. Those apps are designed for Windows 8 and above and can only be installed from Microsoft store or an appx file. If you really want to run them on Windows XP, you can make a VM with Windows 10 and those apps installed and run that VM.



  11. Here is another idea:

    Why don't you get rid of video ads at the beginning like version 5.21 and before, but for all the downloads that require a product key (Like Windows 7, Office 2010) the user must watch a video or donate resources or share your post about Amazon or donate or help with translation or wait for 2 minutes.



  12. Yes, it is from Microsoft and was the shell for Windows 3.x. If you have never heard of Program Manager... You probably never used Windows 3.x.

    23 hours ago, Nirav Narang said:

    don't know how to install, no installer, all zip files. i copy progman to sys32 and it throws ma an error.

    Do you not know how to extract zipped files and copy it to System32? Copy all the extracted files to System32 and SysWOW64! Launch progman.exe after that. Don't do the registry thing if you don't know what you are doing... I feel like you will mess up your computer if you set it as your default shell.

    P.S: I might make a video on how to install or simply make an installer for "noobs" like you. Why would you bother trying this out if you don't know that it is (it is from 28 years ago when it was first introduced)? Also, you are on 64 Bit Windows 10, there will be issues with launching app using it.



  13. Hi, in the downloader version 7.20, the edition HomeBasic was added, however the download points to HomeBasic COEM edition. The real Retail HomeBasic download as far as I know only has 32 Bit architecture available and is named: "Win7_HomeBasic_SP1_English_x32.iso" with a SHA1 hash of: 080ec1de94b88b0f7e8d000690a4aaaa031e2719.

    I believe the downloads are for COEM editions and it would be nice to put it under the OEM section for Windows 7.

    P.S: I do have the Home Basic Retail edition downloaded ages ago and verified. I can upload it and get a link.



  14. I love Windows XP as I've been using it for a decade and a half. Windows 10 is always stable with exciting new features, so Windows XP is my favorite and Windows 10 is the one that am currently using. I don't like Windows 7 at all as it gave me a terrible first impression, such a the start menu, the taskbar and Internet Explorer. Windows 8 is good in appearance but I've never really used it.

    I did use Windows Vista for some time, but gave up soon. The design is pretty much the same as Windows 7 and the default background is meaningless. Other versions of Windows I like is Windows 1.0 (not kidding) as I've been using it for 3 years and half, much easier than DOS Shell. Windows 2.x is the same, so my company didn't upgrade till Windows 3.1 came out. Windows 3.1 is better in my point of view as I can organize my programs well, I don't have to browse to the directory and launch them manually.

    Windows 95, 98 were alright for me and I've been on them for a good 5 years until Windows XP came out. Windows XP is great! It has all those amazing features, better compatibility, less requirements, faster, more stable (no BSOD for excel or Lotus 123 crashing) and more secure.

    Personally, I believe Windows 1.0, Windows 3.x, Windows 95 and Windows XP should be remembered, Windows 1.0 is the first version of Windows which built the path to the success of Microsoft Windows. Windows 3.x first introduced a shell instead of MS-DOS Executive, which is an astronomical change and a big step up for Windows. Windows 95 made Bill Gates and Microsoft rich, it introduced 32-bit architecture, Start button, Start menu, Windows Explorer Shell, Internet Explorer and other great features that are still present in Windows 10 today. Windows XP should be considered as the best and the most successful version of Windows as it introduced 64 Bit (IA-64 and AMD64) architecture, the Luna theme. It is also more stable, more reliable and secure.



  15. @Hermanter

    Sorry that I've been away for a few days, very busy. I am still trying to find a solution to the problem, what I've done so far is that I've downloaded the Office 2019 Volume Edition and I am trying to create a repack of it which will install without problems and can be activated using a volume key. 

    Usually, if you want to use a volume key, you would need a KMS server and I guess you don't have one... Very tedious. 

    P.S Add this line to your to your script: 

    <Property Name="AUTOACTIVATE" Value="1" />

    and give it a try.

    @Peter Frommann

    Sure, if you don't want to install Access, Publisher and Groove, why don't you try this:

      <Add OfficeClientEdition="32" DownloadPath ="https://officecdn.microsoft.com/pr/492350f6-3a01-4f97-b9c0-c7c6ddf67d60">
        <Product ID="ProPlusRetail">
          <Language ID="de-de" />
          <ExcludeApp ID="Access" />
          <ExcludeApp ID="Groove" />
          <ExcludeApp ID="Publisher" />



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