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  1. Hi old friends!


    Hope everyone is fine!?

    I can't remember the last time I actually posted here!  :no: 


    So what has everyone been doing with themselves now days?


    I've been up to a lot;


    I'm now a Reprographics (Photocopier) Engineer and I'm currently studying for an MCSE Windows 2012 R2 Server Infrastructure certification to get me in the software side of the machines and to open up the future for me a tad more! 


    Aside from work and family, I keep myself busy with Airsoft (in case you don't know what it is, it's exactly like paintball but with plastic 6mm BB bullets/pellets and more teamwork than run and gun style haha) I'll post a few pics of my guns if you want to see em. 


    You'll see me around more often now - helping here and there where possible! :giveheart: 





    aka reecejsp93

    aka Reece  :icon_cool: 

  2. Right I've opened it up and the GPU is integrated to the motherboard so its pretty much a dead end there. Not sure what else i can do, any ideas?





    EDIT: Should I invest in new thermal paste?


    EDIT 2: Here's a picture on what happens after I have restarted the laptop:



  3. Hi all, sorry i haven't been active at all. I've been busy with stuff plus just living life really.




    My Dell D630 has just randomly started to freeze, my theory is that the GPU/CPU/MoBo has over heated and is now on its last legs and still trying to fight till the end, semptoms that show are the screen flickers a lot and then its like windows completely crashes and nothing moves and/or the sound is completely destorted (if something was playing..)


    Specs are:


    Intel Core 2 Duo 2.20GHz (i think)
    4GB RAM
    80GB HDD
    nVidia Quadro NVS 135M 128MB

    Brand new battery, 9-cell.


    Anythink that i could do to maybe fix it? or just bit the bullet and let it go? haha


    Thanks for any replys,



  4. yeah win 8 despite the metro screen runs fast and feels snappy hoping to give the rtm a test but it seem it would take a hell of a time to finish 30%

    and about the army isn't it a bit early for you to go to army !!!!?

    Yeah i might download the RTM to give it a test i found a few bugs on RP but all in all it was good

    Nope, min age is 17.5 to join the army and if i pass my application+interviews then i'll be shipped off for 14 week training (and this is the hardest bit of it all) I'm doing fitness now to get ready and i can tell you now its killing me i throw up when i push myself to the limit. lol (I was told its a good sign to be sick lol :g:)

  5. i used Win 8 as my main os until my laptop burned ( Video Card (Nvidia) Blown out)

    so back to the pc Win 7 and now downloading this to give it a try


    (Off-topic: things going good this days ended college of engineering Computer Department :D

    but going to army next monday :P hope things go fine in there

    how about u ?

    ahh thats a shame, i did the same with my Dell D630 lappy and it ran really fast.


    It's funny you said about the Army cause i'm in the process of joining myself lol and all things are good here mate.

  6. Nice, i've been using Windows 8 RP and i found it to be very good although i didn't really use the metro style IE10 i just used the usual IE10 explorer in the desktop enviroment, what do you think of Win8?

    (Off-topic: how have things been old friend? :) )

  7. It doesn't help that a company charges like $59 for a game which can be completed in less than a day, some new games i completed in about 6 hours :(

    Yeah look at Battlefield 3, I completed that around 8 hours and you need to use the web browser to play the game! (Off topic: Multiplayer on the other hand is amazing!)

  8. Well I took it completely apart and gave it a clean and a CPU upgrade (Intel Celeron 1.8GHz to a Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0GHz) still no luck. :( I've been looking around for that connector and still nothing so my only option is to buy a broken dell laptop the same as my model and then take it out of that and then hope for the best.

    @Rick It's the white bit, the blue bit flips open and then you can slide the cable out but after having a closer look at the gold pins i see that a few are snapped off and are stuck inside the blue plastic. :(

    @ccl0 Looked there a few times and nothing, still looking though :) Thanks for the reply guys.



  9. Hey guys, I took my laptop apart to upgrade the RAM, once I done that I put it all back together and then turned it on. onces I turned it on it didn't let me type my password in only a few keys would work. I've been looking around and found that it could be the keyboard itself but then I dug deeper on the Internet to find that it is the connector :/ I did pull the thing out wrong so I broke it in other-words :censored:

    Does anyone know where I could get a new one? Dell doesn't give them out from what I heard... or any ideas of how I could fix it? Theres no snapped bits or anything... it seems to be connected but the keyboards doesn't get what keys I press... only the middle bit of the keyboard is working LOL :censored:

    Thanks for any help! :giveheart:


    EDIT: Just tried a external keyboard and every key worked...

    This is what I'm talking about: (I didn't take this picture this is from a different person)


  10. Hey lego, long time no speak, before I start just want say brilliant work with the toolkit, its amazing! I have a few things ill add to this post that you could include in 9.0 can't give em now I'm on my phone and away from my pc + can't remember them off the top of my head lol



  11. Looks nice. All that space you have there to the left of the display and you're using a notebook slimline DVD? ;)

    I like how all the fans at the top of the case are exhaust. That's going to be a lot of airflow!

    Yup I'm going to use a slot-in DVD drive.. This is on bit-tech as well so I might be in the Custom PC mag :DI want as much airflow as I could cause of the size of the case and the amount of power that's going to be in it... it's only 300mm (H) and 300mm (D) and I think it was something like 500-600mm (W)

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