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  1. This is it guys and girls I'm thinking of adding a touch screen fan control to the front of the case where the USB ports are. http://www.scan.co.uk/Products/NZXT-Sentry-LX-Fan-Controller-Black-Double-Decker-needs-2-x-525-Bays or something similar.
  2. Happy birthday LUZR! :)

  3. wow lol that's kinda how it would look but with more colour... I think I might use that curve front.
  4. Yeah, that's what i was thinking of doing. It would look good also.. plus, I'm going to add either Red or Green LEDs inside the case so it glows Thanks Rick I can't wait till I get the design finished so I can start building... I've only got 2 parts.. the ATX Mobo tray and the backplate.
  5. Here is a up-to-date design, I've got 2 designs for Black Ops RP but not sure on what one to go for... this is my second design, (I'll post the first design soon..) What you guys think? I'm still working on the body shape ATM and colour..
  6. Project: Black Ops RP is under going a new colour scheme :)

  7. about 2-3.. I'm going to change the height of the second floor bit.. plus add a fan in that area...
  8. Here it is guys. This is what I've done to fit in the radiator and I moved the HDDs to the top so its more easier to change the hard drives... So what do you guys think of it now?
  9. This is an E-ATX motherboard: http://www.evga.com/articles/00537/ and thank I like this version too. I'm still adding a few things too And I'm only using Google SketchUp... Also where could i add the 120mm fan for the Corsair h50? I'm not sure where to have it... I was thinking of having it outside the case or making some sort of air duct for the front 120mm fan and having the radiator on the front fan... (I'll show you in abit) EDIT: I'm re-doing the height of the case and i'm adding a second floor to the case on the top side of the case so it can house the radiator and hard drives. I'm maki
  10. Thats the HD 5870 O_O just think of the 5970! X_X I was looking into that this morning and was thinking of doing something to the lid itself... and I was thinking of moving the HDDs to the other side of the case... i'm still thinking... but so far what do you think? i'm still thinking of some way to get the Corsair h50 t ofit somewhere... i was thinking of the front fan but then all the heat would be dumped into the case from the radiator...
  11. I went and had a look at the Antec case you pointed out and came up with this. Also I'm thinking of moving the fan back to front side where it was originally... Any better or still wrong? I'm thinking of adding a fan next to the or in between the PSU and HDDs.. I'll add some more pics
  12. The front fan is an intake fan.. would that still mess up the flow? EDIT: What if i have the front intake fan in the middle of the front and have a small 80mm or something like that at the back or even just have the front fan in the middle with no other fans...?
  13. I was hoping you would reply to the topic.. lol ohhh, so if i get rid of the fans on the sides and just have them at the end and front it will be more better? reason why i added the vents is cause i want the case to keep the parts as cool as it can and I'm thinking of changing the places of the components so that the motherboard is where the PSU is and the PSU is where the motherboard is... and another thing I was thinking to do was have a funnel for the CPU heatsink so it gets air from outside the case or having a 120mm side fan so you could use a water cooling for the CPU (e.g the Corsair H
  14. Hey guys, this case i'm making is not a tower it's like the HTPC but can be used for ATX and i'm trying to get it so it can fit E-ATX Motherboards.. I thought to post it and see what you guys think of it and I need help also with a few things.. Inside of where the computer parts will go but i'm thinking of swapping the PSU and putting the motherboard where the PSU was and put the PSU where the motherboard... if that make any sense?? Front Fan which will have RED LEDs The DVD drive which is like the PS3. Which don't have a disc tray it will slide the disc in and out. So what you guys th
  15. They think we are not sophisticated enough to handle two brands? I don't think they can handle two brands.. lol
  16. Window 7 Toolkit only works on windows 7...
  17. Hey guys, I need some help setting up a PXE Boot on Windows Home Server V2. It's based on the Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard Edition. So it should be 'able' to do it. Right? I wanna know how to do this so when i build my server i can just get all my computer to install windows off the network and saves me wasting discs... Cheers, SnakeCracker
  18. ohh I get you and yeah around london a lot of companies are shutting down as well.
  19. Niceee, so would you say I should get one?
  20. Damn, I heard they have some good GPUs as well... It's a shame.. N1K, who else has closed down?
  21. Nice! Im thinking of getting one as well...
  22. Oh would/could you be able to make something that would be able to change the colour of the theme and change the deafault theme to a custom theme?
  23. yh, but it only works when you use that addon I made that changes your logon screen...
  24. oooo could you find a way to edit the installation screen and/or the user setup (the first boot up setup, where you make your account... etc..)??
  25. I wish the same! lol Welcome to wincert
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