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  1. LOL I was waiting for someone to say that LOL The guy is dumb for believing her and she missed about with some other dude while he was away...
  2. Very nice, only thing is.. I need to build a server for myself to run Vail :/ Thanks for the links
  3. I knew about the first part you said but I didn't know about them making another home server on 2008 core.
  4. Here are a few things that I have wrote and got off the internet that will help you with Windows Home Server installation if you can't find what you are looking for, then look on the Microsoft Offical Windows Homer Server Forums Specs of my Server: > Mainboard : Foxconn SiS-741 > Chipset : SiS 741GX > Processor : AMD Sempron @ 1333 MHz > Physical Memory : 512 MB (1 x 512 DDR-SDRAM ) > Hard Disk : WDC (160 GB) > DVD-Rom Drive : TSSTcorp CDW/DVD SH-M522C > Monitor Type : LL-T15A4-H - 15 inches > Network Card : SiS900 10/100 Ethernet Adapter > Operati
  5. http://social.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/whsfaq/thread/1bc7360e-b534-4d42-a314-5833b097fd31 Below are a list of useful resources along with some of the most Frequently Asked Questions regarding Remote Access Troubleshooting. Before asking your question on the forums, please see if these FAQs answer your questions. If the answers to these questions do not resolve your issue, please post your question along with the answers to the questions located at the end of this FAQ. Things to help: Step by step instructions for configuring common routers for Windows Home Server Remote Access Microsoft Inte
  6. what you mean? :confused02: sorry my brain is running slow (tired) :sleeping_03anim: :wub_anim:
  7. What is Windows Home Server? Your life has gone digital - it is time to simplify your life so you can easily access your files, photos, videos, and music from any PC or TV in your home, or even while away from home. Windows Home Server was designed for households and home-based businesses that have more than one personal computer. Windows Home Server Demos Protect Back up and restore files and PCs Windows Home Server completes an image-based back up of every home computer every day, so you can restore a single file or an entire PC. Windows Home Server helps keep your family's important files
  8. Happy Bday mate! Have a nice day
  9. Nice stuff lurz, Good lunk mate
  10. Ah I thought so.. I can't use it I don't have a dell computer
  11. Thanks guys and no problem for being late. (as my mum always says: Better late then never)
  12. Hey thanks N1K Sorry im not active much :'( Missing this place quite alot now.... Thanks again and im having a party this weekend
  13. Nice and tidy desktop, whats that dock your using?
  14. Hey guys, I've been offline for sometime now.... I'm am sooo busy with college and now having my girlfriend with me most of the time... plus I'm always on the move... Things are starting to be more easier for me now as you might of seen me about posting the odd thing here and there... N1K I'll make a donation to you later on this month, I love this forum! I hope to be back more soon..not sure when though Your young friend, SnakeCracker
  15. Name: Reece Pilgrim Date Of Birth: 08/04/1993 In college learning IT (normal baisc crap....
  16. omg alot has changed...! Erm... what happened to the addons section? :crying_anim02: Nice work the tool looks so clean and is much faster!
  17. Nice idea Smartepants I might do that with my case... :thumbsup:
  18. Nice rig Luzr, Looking very nice How is the Case though? I'm still thinking to get that one or the HAF 932 for my next Core i5 build... Nice over-clocking on the CPU
  19. Th5Mupp5t

    New Rig

    I'm looking to build a new rig.... Kinda like yours N1K Same MoBo (P7P55D) and CPU. Also, I'm going for the HD 5850 which I was reading in a magazine (custompc.co.uk) that is very good at most stuff. And I'm going for about the same amount of memory as you. Plus I'm going to customize the PC Case (Coolermaster HAF 932) I'm also adding a water cooling to the CPU, one of them all-In-one CPU liquid coolers. I didn't know about the Icores having graphics in with it?
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