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  1. Ahhhh Damn it! Happy Birthday! Hope you had a good day Sorry its late.... Better Late then never.
  2. Happy birthday Kelsenellenelvian Hope you have a wonderful day :jerry: :punk: :fun:
  3. Glad to know its still sorta running
  4. Welcome to wincert marillo Enjoy your time here
  5. Th5Mupp5t


    Welcome dude hope you enjoy your time here
  6. Hi, welcome to wincert.net hope to see you around the forums
  7. LMAO!!! woow i hope this does turn out... lol
  8. Happy birthday to our website leader! :worthy: Hope you have a good day mate
  9. This is when users upgrade... tbh i think they should just do a clean install.... its easier and it would be better....
  10. Please do not post the same questions in 2 different areas of the forum.
  11. Windows 7 owners are having problems installing their new operating system, especially over Vista, according to comments on Microsoft's support site. Many find their installation goes into infinite reboot after 62% of the installation is complete. Switching off and rebooting doesn't help either because the system no longer recognises the older operating system. Microsoft says the problem occurs because the Iphlpsvc service stops responding during the upgrade. But others may also be to blame. One user who followed Microsoft's fix said it took 48 hours to get a working installation, with install
  12. Off Topic: LMAO, I was out on my bike riding around near my area... (which is a real bad area ¬_¬ ) and found out that a guy got stabbed and killed.... yup totally :censored: up Happy halloween to everyone 2!!
  13. You should of looked in the Windows 7 Toolkit forums. And yes there is a addon for it. Use the WA Installer to install it. and this is the Hold 'Em addon Enjoy
  14. added the addons for them wallpapers. click on the thumbnail to download the .WA file. more will be added.
  15. Hey guys sorry for my poor activeness college has me doing alot of work and i've been having a few family problems.. :thumbsdown_anim: I'll be abit more active now as i'm on half term. and i'll sort out some addons i'm making. Thanks, Reece
  16. Hey OnePiece Can this work with english version of server 2003? Thanks, Snake
  17. Awesome!! I want to order mine but i have not got the money yet... :/ I'm still waiting for EMA. lol don't you love the government giving away their money... loooool
  18. Hey guys, Need some help yet again... Does anyone know how to setup a Network ISO boot. So when i use a computer on the network it can boot off the ISO that's on the network... Thanks again, Snake
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