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    Th5Mupp5t reacted to niTe_RiDeR_Pr0 in [INDEX] Complete RePacks List [Updated on 17-4-2017]   
    [Rebuilt] NET Framework 4.5.2 Full x86/x64  - by Ricktendo [Slim] .NET Framework 4.6.1 Full x86/x64- by Ricktendo [Slim] .NET Framework 4 Full x86/x64  - by Ricktendo .NET Framework AIO for XP x86   - by Ricktendo .NET Framework 3.5 x86 Only Vista - by Gabee [AiO] Adobe Flash Player + Shockwave Player + Adobe AIR  - by niTe_RiDeR_Pr0 Adobe Shockwave Player - by Ricktendo Java SE Runtime Environment - by Alan_fox Java SE Runtime Environment v7u76 Dual x86-x64 - by niTe_RiDeR_Pr0 Java7 update 51 Dual x32 & x64 - by Kelsenellenelvian [Proper] Microsoft DirectX Redistributable (June 2010) - by Ricktendo Microsoft Silverlight - by Ricktendo [AIO] Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition ENU x86/x64 - by Ricktendo. [AIO] Microsoft Visual B/C++/F#/J# Redistributable x86/x64 - by Ricktendo [bonus] Microsoft Visual Basic/C++ Runtimes 1.1.1 - by Ricktendo Windows AiO Runtime Pack x86 x64 - by StopLooking Antivirus / Security Software:
    Avast! Free Antivirus v9.0.2021.515 - by niTe_RiDeR_Pr0 Avast! Free Antivirus 2016 [Multilang] - by alfreire AVG Free Antivirus 2017 [Multilang] by alfreire AVG Free Antivirus v2015.5856 [Dual x86+x64 Highly Compressed] - by niTe_RiDeR_Pr0 Avira.Free v15.0.16.282 Free [English] [Silent] - by Alfreire Microsoft Security Essentials x86/x64 4.5.216 (Intl) - by Ricktendo SpywareBlaster 5.2 (7/17/2015)   - by Ricktendo Archive Managers/Extractors:
    7-Zip AiO x86-x64  - by Kanyos InnoExtractor - by Kanyos [Repak] Universal Extractor  - by Ricktendo PDF Readers/Editors:
    Adobe Acrobat DC Pro - by alan_fox Adobe Reader XI Lite (de en es fr hu it pl ptb ru tr) - by Ricktendo Adobe Reader XI EN, FR & NL (01-2014) - by Jaynbe [Slim] doPDF installer - by tro11_tmn Foxit PhantomPDF Standard  [Highly Compressed] - by niTe_RiDeR_Pr0 [Slim] Foxit Reader  - by niTe_RiDeR_Pr0 PC Optimization, Disk, File Backup/Recovery & System-Hardware-info Tools:  AIDA64 Extreme - by Ricktendo CPU-Z - by Kanyos Defraggler (multiple editions) - by alan_fox Disk Drill for Windows - by kanyos Eraser - by Vandit Eraser - by Kanyos HWiNFO  - by Kanyos Intel SSD Toolbox - by Ricktendo LightScribe System Software - by Ricktendo [Dual x86+x64] Macrium Reflect Free - by niTe_RiDeR_Pr0 Recuva - by alan_fox SiSoftware Sandra Lite SP1 - by kanyos Wise Care 365 3.95.353 Pro Giveaway - by Kanyos Media Players & other Media-Related Software:
    Camfrog Video Chat - by kanyos DAEMON Tools Lite - by Ricktendo DAUM Potplayer - by Alfreire  JPEGsnoop - by kanyos  KM-Player - by alfreire MediaInfo Lite - by Vandit Media Player Classic HC [RePacked by Ruben Alamina]  - by niTe_RiDeR_Pr0 [Obsolete] Microsoft Camera Codec Pack - by Ricktendo Paint.NET - by Ricktendo Skype (Multilanguage)  - by Ricktendo Windows Media Player 11 + KB970159 - by Ricktendo Web Browsers:
    Google Chrome [Multilang] - by coua Mozilla Firefox [Multilang] - by coua Windows Updates: 
    KB2917500 Revoked Root Certificate - by Ricktendo KB931125 Windows Root Certificate (March) - by Ricktendo Windows Update Agent 7.6.7600.320 - by Ricktendo Other Tools / Misc:
    [Slim] + [Full] Advanced Installer 12.8 - by niTe_RiDeR_Pr0 AxCrypt Setup (x86-x64) Unattended - by JCM [Modded] DriverPack Solution + PhysX - by kanyos Free Alarm Clock - by kanyos IDM Backup Manager  - by Kanyos [SendTo] InstallShield Cabinet-Log File Viewer - by Ricktendo Internet Download Manager - by niTe_RiDeR_Pr0 Internet Download Manager - by alfreire [Bundle] Inno Setup Bundl - by Vandit [Modded] InstEd (LZX:21) - by Ricktendo MSI Afterburner - by Kanyos Resource Hacker FX - by Ricktendo Resource Hacker - by Vandit RT 7 Lite - by niTe_RiDeR_Pr0 Rufus  - by geodasoft Unchecky - by niT€_RiDeR_Pr0 μTorrent [RePacked by Ruben Alamina]  - by niTe_RiDeR_Pr0 VirtualBox - by Kanyos VirtualBox [Multilanguage] - by alfreire VMware Workstation Lite - by Ricktendo Wise JetSearch - by kanyos Last Updated on 17.4.2017
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    Th5Mupp5t reacted to NIM in A very long time it has been!   
    Welcome Snake, glad to see you here again
    BTW, I am also Win Server 2012 R2 MCSE certified
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    Th5Mupp5t reacted to Kelsenellenelvian in speed up w7toolkit on high spec systems   
    Ok here's my views HAS NO ONE been paying attention at all in the past 8 months or so?
    The toolkit originally used basic scripts and a older DSIM version.   Over time due to occasional bugs and issues lots of code was changed. Primarily for error checking and smoothness of integration.   New DSIM files were added in.   Redundancy methodology was adopted to check file version and error correcting.   MS changed the rules a half-dozen times. Whats my point? Sometime progress and reliability become MORE important than base speed.
    You really have a basic choice here:
    You can do it right
    You can do it quick with the chance of having to do it over and over again until the CPU genie says it worked....
    Small side note:
    I have spent hours at a computer waiting for tasks that with now standards literally only take seconds.
    10 years ago remastering a windows 7 style image would have taken DAYS (If you could find powerful enough hardware to do it on in the personal sector.)
    20 years ago it would have been nearly impossible to achieve at all.
    Whats a hour? Really go take a bath, stand in the sun, screw your significant other, slap your kids around then have a smoke to top all of that off and return to your pc with a pepsi...
    Think about it, you will have had a very full day
    Fun facts:
    2002 hard drive info the 137 GB addressing space barrier was broken yeah ONLY @ 140 gig drives were manufactured then.
    There were only single core CPUs of 2-3 GHz in speed, Hyper threading was introduced at the end of the year.
    1993 had hard drives of 1,350 megs that cost $1,799
    They had CPUs of 66 MHz
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    Th5Mupp5t reacted to Kelsenellenelvian in speed up w7toolkit on high spec systems   
    I understand there is a cultural problem here.
    BUT he has been extremely rude and demanding to you this whole thread.
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    Th5Mupp5t reacted to ccl0 in Dell Latitude D630 randomly freezes   
    hm. Quadro NVS 135M is based on the 8400 series.  i seem to recall there was a lawsuit way back regarding nvidia selling faulty gpu chips. http://hothardware.com/cs/forums/p/51200/382885.aspx  not sure if yours is covered but your laptop was built around the same time. it could be you just lucked out and the defect didnt show itself until now.
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    Th5Mupp5t got a reaction from compstuff in Logon Screen Changer For Windows 7 (All Versions)   
    I've made a small addon that will change your logon screen to what ever you want it to be.
    I've got a default logon screen which is this: (Made By Me)

    Heres some more wallpapers you can add: (Click to download .WA file)

    You can change this by using:
    1. 7zip and extracting all the files.
    2. Once you have extrated all files get your wallpaper you want to use and name it to: backgroundDefault (Your image file must be in JPG format and the size should be less than 256 KB.)
    3. After you have done this use 7zip and highlight all the files and Add to Archive (Right Click, 7zip - Add to Archive)

    4. Name the file to: SnakeCracker's_Logon_Screen_Changer_AddOn.WA and make sure its set to Ultra compression and click Ok

    5. Integrate The addon Using the Addon Integrator and your done.
    Or If you want me to make you one give me a link to the wallpaper and i'll make you one
    If you get bored of the Image you have installed no need to go reinstalling windows 7 to change..
    To change your logon screen do this:
    1. Go to C:\Windows\System32\oobe\Info\Backgrounds
    2. Make a Backup copy of the backgroundDefault.JPG
    3. Grab an image you want to use as your logon screen and paste it into C:\Windows\System32\oobe\Info\Backgrounds and rename it to backgroundDefault
    (Make sure its under 256KB and is a JPG format!)
    4. Restart and see the change!
    Works On: x86 and x64
    (Windows Live SkyDrive)
    219KB (224,586 Bytes)
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    Th5Mupp5t reacted to Legolash2o in Windows 8 RTM Leaked   
    I'm missing Aero already, apart from that i have no complaints what-so-ever.
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    Th5Mupp5t reacted to Jonnyboy in [Tool] FFaM v1.0.2.11   
    FFaM v1.0.2.11
    Updated 23 July 2012

    It can be frustrating to manually reinstall Firefox with all its extensions, themes, personas and other add-ons. Even for those administrators who need to deploy Firefox on hundreds of network computers will find it a cumbersome task to do it manually. To assist you in building a silent Firefox installer with all of the settings preset, here is Firefox Addon Maker.
    [*] This is a application written in C# that will create a silent installer.
    [*] The addons and installers can be created in Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7, 32-bit or 64-bit.
    [*] The addons and installers can be installed in Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7, 32-bit or 64-bit.
    [*] You can create an installer with all of your settings intact, an installer with no modifications. Or, anything in between.
    Choose From:
    [*] Mozilla Firefox usually has 3 versions posted, the Current version, the Previous version and the Beta version.
    [*] Insert personal items, such as: bookmarks, passwords, cookies, history and preferences, extensions data and sessions.
    [*] Insert other items, such as: extensions, plugins, components, searchplugins, dictionaries and modules.
    [*] Disable the Migration Wizard that runs on first boot.
    [*] Disable the Compatibility Wizard when upgrading versions.
    [*] Disable the Crash Reporter.
    [*] Set Firefox as the default browser.
    [*] Use Resource Hacker on the Firefox.exe file and replace the icon set with your choice of a custom icon set.
    [*] Create a Silent Installer that can be used in a live, RVM or WPI.
    [*] Create shortcuts on the desktop, pinned to the Start Menu, in Start MenuPrograms, the Quick Launch toolbar, pinned to Quick Launch or a user selectd folder in Start MenuPrograms.
    [*] Can create the "Pinned Apps" shortcut on the taskbar and Start Menu for some Windows 7 users (23 languages currently supported).
    [*] Choose from any language pack available for the version of Firefox that you choose, this is dependant on the languages currently posted by Mozilla.
    [*] Choose the current Firefox installation path (if you have more than one version installed).
    [*] Choose to use your current Firefox Installation to build installers or addons, instead of downloading the same version to create the installer.
    [*] Choose the profile to use to make the addon, it does not have to be yours. So long as you have access to the profile. The profile can be located anywhere in your system.
    [*] Choose the installation path for the firefox installer. You can choose to install to any folder on the system drive.
    [*] Choose the profile name and location. You can choose to create a profile of almost any name and place that profile in almost any folder on the system drive.
    [*] Automatically downloads the current version of Adobe Shockwave (slim or full) Player and Adobe Flash Player 32-bit or 64-bit.
    [*] Installs the current version plugins: Media Player, Office 2007 and Macromedia Authorware.
    [*] It is completely uninstallable from within "Add or Remove Programs". It now uses the same installation process as the original files.
    [*] This is completely upgradeable.
    [*] It is not required to run the installer with 'Run As' Administrator, this is preset in the installer. If UAC is enabled, you will be prompted to allow the installer to make changes to your system.
    [*] Windows XP
    [*] Vista
    [*] Windows 7
    [*] 32-bit or 64-bit
    [*] M$ Windows .NET 3.5
    [*] Internet Connection
    [*] Resource Hacker - Angus Johnson
    [*] 7-zip - Igor Pavlov
    [*] 7zsd.sfx - Oleg N. Scherbakov
    [*] GoRC.exe - Jeremy Gordon
    [*] Icons - KM7MK created a few of the icons and I created the rest from images found on the net. If, you created any of the images used in these icons, message me and I'll give you the proper credit.
    [*] Anyone that is willing to request additional options and functionality, must be willing to put in the time required to test those additions.

    SHA1: B33C966BC80517B6DC5D6BE559CD783167AC2589
    File size: 2.62MB
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    Th5Mupp5t reacted to Legolash2o in Shutdown, reboot   
    I agree, i won't be recommending this to anyone. However if it did install Windows 8, i would also install it with Classic Shell 3.5 (mentioned in another post). Another problem is that when you install applications, Metro gets very very messy and full quickly!
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    Th5Mupp5t got a reaction from jtd in Windows Home Server   
    What is Windows Home Server?
    Your life has gone digital - it is time to simplify your life so you can easily access your files, photos, videos, and music from any PC or TV in your home, or even while away from home. Windows Home Server was designed for households and home-based businesses that have more than one personal computer.
    Windows Home Server Demos

    Back up and restore files and PCs
    Windows Home Server completes an image-based back up of every home computer every day, so you can restore a single file or an entire PC.
    Windows Home Server helps keep your family's important files safe by automatically making an image-based daily backup of every computer on your network. Your files and folders are duplicated across multiple hard drives, so even if one hard drive fails, you can still recover all your data. With Windows Home Server's data recovery capabilities, you can bring back individual files or folders for a home computer. You can even rescue a PC that's had an unfortunate accident or hard drive failure because Windows Home Server makes a copy of the entire contents of your home computer hard drive. Your computers stay healthy with home network health monitoring. You can see the exact condition of the computers in your home and make sure anti-virus and other protection software is up-to-date. Windows Home Server sits behind your firewall and has strong password controls to help secure your home network. You decide who sees what, so you can share what you want and keep the rest private.
    Access your data anywhere
    You and your family can now access the home network-at home, in the office, or even on the road.
    Windows Home Server enables you to easily and more securely access your files and personal computers from inside and outside of your home. Using a personalized website address you can download and upload files to the shared folders on your home server. With Windows Home Server, you can connect remotely to the computers in your home and access all your files, even run applications, just as if you were sitting in front of your home computer. Now the whole family can enjoy a common music collection, with Windows Home Server as the media hub. And with an Xbox 360 or other supported digital media receiver, listen to a shared music collection, watch a photo slideshow, or catch up on recorded TV shows and movies on your television.
    Store and share digital files
    Organize your digital media in a central location, making it easier to share photos, music, videos, and more.
    With Windows Home Server as your media server, store all your photos, movies, and more in a central location that can be accessed from any computer on your home network. And Windows Home Server uses a familiar interface that integrates with all your family's home PCs, making it even easier to find digital media. With Windows Home Server as your media hub, everyone in your family can create and access shared folders of photo albums, music, and movies from any computer in your home network. You can also access music and other entertainment content through your Xbox 360 or digital media receiver. Learn more about media server sharing.
    Increase your storage capacity
    Easily increase your data storage, by adding additional internal or external hard drives of any size, and install innovative add-ins to make the most of your home network.
    As your collection of digital photos, photo albums, movies, and other files grows, Windows Home Server makes it easy to add more storage space. Simply add an internal or external hard drive of any size to your system and Windows Home Server will take care of the rest. All your family's videos, photos, music, and other files are safely stored together. Help with growing Windows Home Server. Imagine controlling your home security system through Windows Home Server. Designed with new products and services like home security in mind, Windows Home Server's open architecture will keep growing and getting better. Software and hardware developers are already working on innovative add-ins, such as home automation, home entertainment, digital photo frames, energy management, and performance enhancements that integrate with Windows Home Server. Learn more about add-ins.
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    Th5Mupp5t got a reaction from marcoss2009 in [AddOn] Windows XP Evo Theme   
    Hello this is my 1st AddOn
    tested in nlite on Winodws XP SP3 so there should be no problems. if there are any mistakes please go easy on me.
    i had alot of help from ricktendo64's How to make a INF Theme addon, Step By Step (thanks)
    its a basic Theme i tried (but failed lol) to sort of make it look like vista abit but i was going for the sort of full vista but i knew that would take too much of my time up as i need most of my time for school. (GCSE)
    the was Wallpaper from www.deviantart.com
    wallpaper made by iuneWind iuneWind
    here is a picture of the theme and desktop wallpaper

    DOWNLOAD [Windows Live SkyDrive.]
    if you have any questions please ask.
    and i hope you like it. :icon_cool:
    Download size - 807KB
    MD5 - 694A6461A009061E2C271136EC350764
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    Th5Mupp5t reacted to orbit30 in Windows 7 Logon Screen Tweaker 1.3   
    Windows 7 Logon Screen Tweaker 1.3

    Enabled ease of access button removal

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    Th5Mupp5t got a reaction from Legolash2o in Windows 7 Toolkit 0.7.0 News   
    Can't wait!
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    Th5Mupp5t reacted to Legolash2o in Windows 7 Toolkit 0.7.0 News   
    W7T 0.7.0 News
    Hey I'm Legolash2o the creator of Windows 7 Toolkit, my aim in 0.7.0 is to try and bring together all your requests without making it more confusing! I hope to release the new version by August which will hopefully be enough time to include code clean up and testing. Alpha versions will be sent to testers and Beta versions will be released to the public!
    Quite a lot has changed so far, which i will be updating below (inc. change log) and i hope you really enjoy the changes as i am doing my best. I'm more than happy to read your requests so don't forget to leave them here. I am going to warn you though that Unattended Setup will take some time to do as i have to do research, this may not make it in this release but i WILL try.
    >>>>>Try Windows 7 Toolkit 0.7.0 Alpha<<<<<
    Version Alpha is the last version I'm going to upload on MediaFire, if there is an update available it will tell you when you start W7T. Please report any bugs via PM, thanks
    *I have completely redone the Tools Manager, which has had very good feedback so far as it is soo much less confusing!
    *When W7T did certain tasks like mounting an image it used nearly 50% of the CPU and 20MB of RAM to wait for that process to finish. Now it only uses 0% of CPU and 20MB during the same tasks. What an improvement!!!!!
    *Addon Maker has been redesigned and allows you delete files and folders in the WIM. If you mix that with the current ability to delete registry entries you could technically make an addon which removes components such as Windows Media Player, Internet Explorer, add Tweaks, whatever the you want....
    *You will now have the ability to set W7T priority via Options, normally done via Task Manager. I have got rid of the Language Pack Converter but i have added cab files to the Language Packs list.
    *You can download the latest database via the Options Menu, W7T checks to see the latest version on startup and then prompts you that there is a new version available. I have also limited the [RUNCMD] command to DISM only, this feature lets you run commands during integration i.e. Disable a feature in the image before it is removed with the addon.
    *Today i have finished the Feature Manager and will be released to tester hopefully soon, there may be some errors at first as some features require other features to be enabled first and i can't remember the DISM command which makes it install the needed features. Anyway's the errors will saying that Feature A requires feature B,C,D to be enabled first and i have quite coded in the function which auto selects them yet.
    *I have also finished the Update Checker, had a few problems at first and had another problem which made W7T hang during at start while it checked for updates.
    *Third update of the day, just finished the All-In-One Integrator which merges Addon Integrator, Driver Integrator and Update Integrator. Its finished and the first test worked flawlessly!!!! The purpose of this tool is so you can integrate everything in one complete go!
    *The Addon Integrator now stores the Task.txt within the image so at a later date i can add a screen which shows integrated updates!
    *The All-In-One Integrator is fully completed and now support QFE/LDR Integration.
    *Office 2010 should have some updates in it now, the database will be updated before final release
    *I have done a very very basic Unattended Setup, i will however add specific ones on request so don't worry. Also, the new All-In-One Integrator has the option of integrating the .xml file you create and so does the WIM Manager when you mount an image!
    *WIM Manager is less laggy, infact i can now move the window when its mounting/dismounting an image!
    *By default W7T will not show the mount/unmount popups anymore however you can change that via Options.
    *If you mount a wim using WIM Manger you now have the option to select an unattended.xml file to integrate into it, ive also added an option in the new AIO Integrator which lets you do the same thing during the integration
    *Cab Installer and the original Update Integrator now also support QFE/LDR installs, in order to integrate the update in LDR mode, W7T automatically installs the update normally and then applied the "update-bf.mum" file afterwards.
    *MSU to CAB Converter has been updated to show more details when adding updates.
    *When exporting an image using the WIM Manager, it shows you the imagex window which shows you the progress.
    *You can now change your Logon Background on both OS Tweaker and WIM Tweaker, also a few other tweaks and i am still open for suggestions for what tweaks to add
    *I have also fixed an issue where when a task was running the form would be disabled and you are unable to move it or do anything, i have now fixed this and it now only disables the correct parts which still allows you to move the window around.
    *W7T Database is now stored on via an SQL Server, which if a new update comes out i can add it and you will all be able to see it next time you open W7T rather than waiting for me to release the W7T.accdb file. Also using this method i can check for new W7T version and display the new changelog within a second
    *Also i've changed the compile mode from x86 to AnyCPU because i couldn't before as W7T.accdb requried it in x86 mode. AnyCPU means it will work better on x64 computers as good as it will on x86 i.e. less errors and problems as its more compatible.
    Change log

    *BIG: Entire database is online (SQL)
    *FIX: SoLoR Updates now lets you sort by column
    *FIX: Downloader did not add all SoLoR updates
    *FIX: SoLoR displayed date instead of size in downloader
    *FIX: Export Image showed when image was mounted in WIM Manager
    *FIX: Change Default Background Tweak did not work
    *FIX: Not all buttons appears afer CAB Installer finished task
    *FIX: Update Integrator disable form during task
    *FIX: CAB Installer disabled form during task
    Tweak:Speed Up Desktop
    Tweak: Change Logon Wallpaper
    Tweak: Change Logon Text (Shadows/darkness)
    *7z.exe, 7z.dll and imagex.exe are now stored internally
    *Language Packs now have their own tab
    *Addon Integrator supports [DELETE]
    *Addon Integrator supports [RUNCMD] (DISM only)
    *Added DISM to cleanup Tool
    *Added option to run cleanup tool on exit (Options)
    *Added option to show/hide Mount/Unmount processes (Options)
    *New Tools Manager
    *Driver Integrator now uses DISM
    *Rebuild All added in WIM Manager
    *Redesigned Addon Maker
    *Addon Maker lets you make new shortcuts
    *Addon Maker lets you add delete tasks
    *Addon Maker lets you add DISM commands
    *SoLoR Updates now includes Update Packs section
    *Language packs now have pre-converted files (*.cab)
    *Added Priority options (Options)
    *Code enhancements and cleanup
    *Added Update Checker on startup
    *Download latest database via Options Menu
    *Added Feature Manager WIM
    *Added Feature Manager OS
    *Added All-In-One Integrator
    *Added Error Log feature
    *All-In-One Integrator support QFE/LDR Mode
    *Added basic Unattended Creator (Misc Tools)
    *Added Apply Unattended when image is mounted on WIM Manager
    *CAB Installer supports QFE/LDR installs
    *Update Integrator supports QFE/LDR installs
    *MSU to CAB Converter has been updated to display more info
    *Export on WIM Manager now uses imagex so you can see progress
    *Tweaks: Unsigned Themes*

    ToDo List

    *Tweaks: Set document folders e.g. Music, Picture, Videos, etc..

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    Th5Mupp5t got a reaction from mona in Customizing Windows 7   
    This will help you towards customizing your Windows 7 to fit your needs in the easiest way.
    I will do these in steps...
    *First step will be changing the Theme to an Un-official Microsoft Themes -
    *Second step will be changing the logon screen to a wallpaper of your choice
    *Third step will be changing the Start button (aka Start Orbs)
    *Fourth step will be changing a few things in the explorer
    I'll be updating/adding this over time...
    PLEASE NOTE: You should create a system restore point before you begin and I am not responsible for any damage to your computer USE AT OWN RISK!
    I will also explain how to change your folder or library icon and add custom cursors
    Updated Step 3
    Step 1
    Changing the Theme
    I'll add images soon....
    What you need:
    Universal Theme Patcher - This will patch your system so it can use Un-official Microsoft Themes
    The theme you want to install - you can get good looking themes from DeviantART
    >>>Areo Enabled Computer<<<
    How to install
    First off run the program Universal Theme Patcher in Administrator Mode (right click > "Run as Administrator") (You must have UAC turned off) After the patch, restart the computer.
    Once you are back on, go to C:\WINDOWS\Resources Next get your downloaded theme and copy the .theme file and folder that came with it to C:\WINDOWS\Resources
    After you have copied the files over right click on desktop and go to Personalize and look for the theme you have just installed OR you can double click on the .theme file you just copied over.
    Please post, explaining what you have done and what is happening
    Step 2
    Changing the Logon Screen Wallpaper
    I'll add images soon....
    What you need:
    The wallpaper you want to have as your Logon Screen Background(Wallpaper)
    Windows 7 Logon Screen Program
    How to install
    Run the program Windows 7 Logon Screen and select the wallpaper you want to use, once you have selected the wallpaper click on Apply
    I'll add the other way to install your wallpaper here when I have time
    Step 3
    Changing the Start Orb(Button)
    I'll add images soon....
    What you need:
    Windows 7 Start Button Changer
    And the Orb image you want to install - you can download good looking Orbs from DeviantART Also have a look HERE they are scattered around the site.
    How to install
    Run the program Windows 7 Start Button Changer
    Click on Select & Change Start Button and navigate to the start button image you have downloaded
    Once you have clicked on it, your taskbar and all other explorer windows you had open will close and then your taskbar will re-appear with your new Start orb
    If it does not work for you, do the following:
    Make sure that the program is closed.
    Manually take ownership of “C:\Windows\explorer.exe”
    Run the program and select the orb. It will now work.


    I'm very busy with college work right now and will be finished soon please give me time. Thank you for reading and hope you enjoy. Please post if you have found this to be useful
    I'll try to make it easier to do these tasks when I can
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    Th5Mupp5t got a reaction from AMIRZ in Happy Birthday N1K! :D   
    Happy birthday to our website leader! :worthy:
    Hope you have a good day mate
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    Th5Mupp5t reacted to Mr_Smartepants in Need some help with Server 2003 R2   
    Sounds like you are looking for PXE boot capability.
    M$ technet has an article on it here:
    I've never done it, but it seems easy enough.
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    Th5Mupp5t reacted to NIM in Free licence of Kaspersky Internet Security 2010   
    Seems that Kaspersky lab will give you an opportunity to get a free licence of their Kaspersky Internet Security suite.
    This offer will go live when Windows 7 will be publically released on October 22nd.
    So, if you want this licence, keep an eye on it
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    Th5Mupp5t reacted to NIM in Microsoft Security Essentials Review   
    Microsoft released final version (RTW) of "Security Essentials," which is an Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware software for "latest" Windows operating systems.
    I said "latest", because it is only available for:
    Windows XP x86
    Windows Vista x86 and x64
    Windows 7 x86 and x64
    Installation was very simple and fast. Once you download MSE from this LINK and run installer, a windows pops out with useful information on what MSE really is.

    On the second screen you're prompted to validate your copy of Windows. For those of you who are not using genuine versions of Window, installation will fail. Process of validation is very fast and it's finished in a second.

    Once your copy of Windows is validated you may proceed with installation of Microsoft Security Essentials. Installation shouldn't take long.

    Once installation completes and you run the MSE for the first time, MSE will update virus definitions and will make initial quick scan of your PC.

    User interface can't be simpler. To perform a System Scan, you can choose one of the three options, Quick, Full, or Custom (familiar?). First, although quick scan already ran on the initial application startup, I tried to performed a quick scan again to see the speed of it. The Quick scan was very quick on my system. Scan completed on 87948 items in less than 2 minutes, pretty impressive if you ask me.

    I won't run the full system scan as it would probably take longer to complete as this process scans all of your disks/partitions/files. As for the custom scan, you have an option to choose the drive or destination which you want to scan.
    Update tab is has only once button to click, guess which. UPDATE!, although MSE should be updated automatically. History tab will shows you All of the detected items, Quarantined items or Allowed items, depends on your selection.

    Settings tab has all other options that you might need to configure Microsoft Security Essentials, although once you install it, you don't have to touch it, as it will do the job properly.
    If you still wan't to configure MSE other than default, here's what you can change/configure:
    Scheduled scan - Here you can select/deselect a scheduled scan of your computer, configure time and type of the scan with two additional options (Check for the latest virus & spyware definitions before running a scheduled scan and Start the scheduled scan only when my computer is on but not in use, although MSE is running in low priority so you shouldn't notice any performance downgrades during the scan.
    Default Actions - Here you can choose how will MSE react in various situations/alert levels.
    Real-time protection - Real-time protection alerts you when viruses, spyware, or other potentially unwanted software attempts to install itself or run on your computer. You can select if you want to monitor file and program activity on your computer and if you want to scan all downloaded files and attachments.
    Excluded files & locations, Excluded file types and Excluded processes - Here you can choose which files, locations, file types or processes would you like to remove from scanning. Useful, if you want to perform faster full scan of your computer.
    Advanced - Advanced tab gives you the option to scan archive files like .zip or .cab files. You can also choose if you want to scan removable drivers, which isn't enabled by default, but I highly recommend it. You can create a system restore point prior cleaning your computer and give permission to all other users on your PC to view items in the History tab.
    Microsoft SpyNet - Microsoft SpyNet program is an online community which helps stop the spread of new malicious software infections. You can choose Basic membership (default) or Advanced membership which will send more info to Microsoft about malicious software on your computer, like how the software operates, and how it has impacted your computer.
    This is the first antivirus application from Microsoft with integrated Anti-Spyware protection. So far I’m really impressed with MSE, because it's small ( setup just under 5MB), fast, stays out of your way and doesn’t hog your resources.
    Update: Confirmed, MSE won't work if you have 'Checkpoint' software installed on Windows Vista x86. Expect freezes, bad performance etc.
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    Th5Mupp5t reacted to NIM in [How To] Change Windows 7 Logon Screen Easily   
    How To Change Windows 7 Logon Screen
    Here's how to do it manually
    Its is always nice to know how things work behind the scenes, what better way to do so then try them out yourself. To change the logon screen manually follow these steps:
    Run the registry editor (Win Key + R and then type regedit, press enter)
    Navigate to HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Authentication\LogonUI\Background , double click on key named OEMBackground and change its value to 1 (If you cannot find the path or the key go ahead and create it, remember OEMBackground is a Dword)

    You just enabled the OEM Background functionality. Now browse to the folder %windir%\system32\oobe\info\backgrounds within Windows explorer. %windir% refers to your Windows install directory C:\Windows in most systems. Again the folder path may not exist already, so you can go ahead and create required folders (info and backgrounds are generally not present)

    Now put in any JPG file with size less than 256 kb in this folder and rename it to backgroundDefault.jpg. This file will be stretched to fit the screen, so you would want it to match the resolution of your screen so that image doesn

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    Th5Mupp5t got a reaction from NIM in VLC Media Player   
    Here ya go it has intergrated but i have not tested it in VMware. It should work if not tell me right away i'll get on it asap!!

    14.3MB (15,006,682 Bytes)
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    Th5Mupp5t got a reaction from Jatin Beniwal in I am thinking about gong back to school.   
    Good luck!
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    Th5Mupp5t got a reaction from NIM in Problem with WMP12   
    Ok i've just did what you've done and i'll get back to you with it.
    I'll edit this post and tell you how i got on.
    EDIT: Right i've just got all my music files back into windows media player.
    What i did is right click on Music (In the list on the left hand side) and click on Manage Music Library. I have my music on a different HDD so what i did was removed that folder. added an album folder. then it added my music files. So then I removed that folder from the Manage Music librarys and then added back the folder with ALL my music files. So if you have yours in the default Music folder add that to the list and it should work.
    (Please tell me it does!!) LOL
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    Th5Mupp5t got a reaction from NIM in Problem with WMP12   
    Ok this sometimes happens with me and what i normaly do is highlight all music files (not folders if they are in folders then go into them and highlight all the music files in there) and after you've highlighted right-click and click on Add To Windows Media Player List.
    It should play them but also it should just add them to the library.
    This should work.
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