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Found 1 result

  1. I'm requesting feedback on the new Tools Manager and some other tools. When i first started W7T it was mainly for experienced users however I've noticed a lot more beginners so in v103 i have hopefully made it more easier for those types of users. I'm also going to update some error boxes to the new one i programmed, which has a more details button and there is a screenshot at the bottom. You will notice some things look a lot more different. I've also done some minor UI changes to some other tools which are not mentioned here which are: All tools windows can be resized Majority of tools open in 750x400 creating more consistency Some tools had panels like in Addon Maker where you add a file and a little screen pops up, these will all be centered when opened. Updated some tooltips. I'm just trying to make things more consistent and neat looking. However they're things i still need to finish of: Replace old error messages boxes with my new one. More tool tips to help beginners Memory optimizations I'm not adding any potentially buggy code because we are near the final, i'm just doing the things i should have finished. Once the final is released (prob v110) then i will update all the guides and include the missing ones. Note: If you are wondering why the window titles are centered it is because i'm using Windows 8 Beta. Change Log: *^NEW: Addon Maker lets you edit addons *^NEW: UEFI support added for ISO Maker *^NEW: Lots of GUI changes *^NEW: Driver Installer lets you install/remove drivers on the live system. *^NEW: Update Installer now lets you uninstall updates *^NEW: You can now save or load AIO lists individually without affecting the other lists *^FIX: MSU could not convert if you selected output path as drive root *^FIX: Some tools did not report which image was being mounted/unmounted properly *^FIX: Could not extract file is'SevenZipSharp.dll' was missing. *^FIX: Fixed a potential language pack integration bug. *^FIX: Fix a language pack integration bug where a 'license' folder could not be copied *^FIX: Fixed an issue where adding updates did not cancel on request using Update Integrated *^FIX: Fixed 'Read Task.txt' in AIO Integrator *^FIX: Removed hand cursor from Welcome Tab (Tools Manager) *^FIX: Current OS option in AIO did not uncheck if user selected no *^FIX: Better detection of architecture for drivers *^FIX: Some files did not extract properly if 'ExtractTo' folder was not created first *^FIX: CAB Retriever did not copy files. *^TWEAK: Change DPI Setting *^Tidied up Addon Maker, centered things, etc.. *^In Addon Maker, variables will show tooltip showing where files will go Popular As you can see i have got the tools which i think will be useful for beginners at the very top, this will hopefully make the page look less busy and confusing. Beginners I decided to group the most important tools and probably most used at the very top so beginners can hopefully see which tools they need. Most users just want to integrate things so i've made it the first button so it's easy to find. Recommended I prefer users to have the latest Windows 7 SP1 disk and it's also recommended for users to have all the SoLoR updates integrated. Other Popular Tools These tools are for the more advanced/experienced users. Tools As you can see i've grouped the converters together, the tools which work using the currently installed OS together, the tools which work with wim images and then just misc stuff. Downloads Hopefully it looks easier to find the stuff you want. About I got rid of the about button/form and just added a tab with this information, nothing special. Addon Maker I've added a lot more features in v103, you can now load previous .WA files, edit and then save it. There is also some tooltips on the list of variables showing which folder they will be i.e. C:\Windows\System32. I've also added a 'New' button so you can clear all the lists and start a new addon without closing the tool and re-opening it. Capture Image As you can see i've added some pictures, but i've also added some labels like the TIP ones. Looks quite nice on Windows 8. ISO Maker Again more images and a view more labels like 'Folder to capture' and 'Select where to save ISO'. ISO Maker now also supports UEFI, it allows you to choose if you want to use BIOS, UEFI, Both and Custom. SWM Merger Just more images and an extra label. WIM Splitter Same as SWM Update Installer The Update Installer now has an 'Installed' tab which lets you uninstall updates, useful for those who use SoLoR Updates and like to remove superseded Driver Installer As requested, this tool lets you install drivers onto the live system, you can also remove them too. Error Messages Previous if there was an error message i had to limit the amount of information displayed so the user hopefully doesn't get confused. I will slowly be replacing the old error messages with my new one so those technical people have just click 'More Detail' and it will hopefully be able to help them and me if they post it on the forum. The new error messages has a short description and a longer but simple description underneath it. Again, this will help the less experienced users.
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