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  1. about: This package is different from the original because umdf.exe is updated with KB970159 (User-Mode Driver Framework version 1.9,) its meant to be used with the WMP11 Slipstreamer to integrate WMP11 into your XP disc (more info) ENU X64: http://adf.ly/1713566/wmp11x64enu MD5: 300b014af294bbd1ebd7716035c7d778 ENU X86: http://adf.ly/1713566/wmp11x86enu MD5: bf487bac71d306282e247f006f0eff97 ES-ES X86: http://adf.ly/1713566/wmp11x86esn MD5: 70a0723ad73e733ac8b0d967c5290774 DE-DE X86: http://adf.ly/1713566/wmp11x86deu MD5: 88b91e9b784919e1aea7ec35073ee744 EL-GR X86: http://adf.ly/1713566/wmp11x86ell MD5: de567290294027ba4d93e7eb400c9322 FR-FR X86: http://adf.ly/1713566/wmp11x86fra MD5: 1ff0f3d9774c676bb5af66d118e70c1f IT-IT X86: http://adf.ly/1713566/wmp11x86ita MD5: a2bbc9efb6663f5b155f61fd7cae00e7 TR-TR X86: http://adf.ly/1713566/wmp11x86trk MD5: fd4e079aaed6effea2ae4e1f0f3c8925 Updated: LegitLibM.dll 1.9.43wudfcoinstaller.dll 6.1.7600.16385wudfcustom.dll 6.1.7600.16385wudfhost.exe 6.1.7600.16385wudfpf.sys 6.1.7600.16385wudfplatform.dll 6.1.7600.16385wudfrd.sys 6.1.7600.16385wudfsvc.dll 6.1.7600.16385wudfx.dll 6.1.7600.16385Open to other language installer repack requests
  2. About: Java Platform SE Runtime Environment v7 Update 80 - Highly Compressed Dual (2-in-1) RePack (x86-x64). Modifications: Original MSIs were only edited using InstallShield 2010 to disable Auto Update Check (AUTOUPDATECHECK=0) and enabled Web Java (WEB_JAVA=1). Compressed from 127MB to 28MB. Command-Line Switches: JRE-7u80-Windows-Dual-RePack.exe /qn /norestart INSTALLDIR="C:\Program Files\Java 7u80" (Mega Hosting) (Click the above button to download) File Name: JRE-7u80-Windows-Dual-RePack.exe File Size: 27.9 MB (292,68,710 bytes) Architecture Supported: x86 & x64 (Windows) MD5: ffcc048a038e2ba2aa4995e94536886dSHA-1: 2c0a43ec20bd770965c4a8849f1e512a9a65e879SHA-256: 13e6db13a82a5f4cefdae43cb5a3c7987a88fc3f9333a233176dd526370f31e5MetaScan.com scan report: https://www.metascan-online.com/en/scanresult/file/508066fa411d43e193f5d511a8705ce1 :icon_cool:
  3. Resource Hacker v3.6.0.92 FX v1.4.19 About: This is the latest version of Resource Hacker already patched by RaMMicHaeL (includes Dubby 32bit icon patch), also added SendTo icon shortcut and .msstyles, .mui and .res file right click entries. Download: http://adf.ly/1713566/reshackfx MD5: 78e4ce5f45d60cad8c8dfe91b0f64be4 Size: 1 MB Website: http://rammichael.com/resource-hacker-fx
  4. About: This repack wasn't made by me, it was made by Ruben Alamika (See his page here). I am just sharing with you guys. Also, this is an msi, so it doesnt contain any crapware. Credits & Thanks to Ruben Alamika. About μTorrent: uTorrent is one of the most popular BitTorrent clients out there for several reasons: it's fast, lightweight, easy to use and very efficient. 100% Silent Install Switch: /qn Passive (only progress) Install Switch: /qb Download: http://rubenalamina.mx/download/187/ (Note: This link always points out to the latest version, even if this topic isn't updated) File Size: 3.33MB :icon_cool:
  5. KB2917500 Microsoft Security Advisory: Unauthorized digital certificates could allow spoofing I repacked to removed the following files: ADVPACK.DLLW95INF16.DLLW95INF32.DLL Download: http://adf.ly/1713566/rvkroots MD5: 04eecff45d3cdcc985a96a48d035266b Size: 131 KB
  6. Keeps Checkboxes Clear! About: Unchecky v0.3.6 Beta - RePack. Nothing Removed. This repack was made on the request of our member ryback. NOTE: The repack (setup) is inside the 7z archive. Command-Line Switches: (MEGA Hosting) (Click the above button to download) File Name: unchecky-0.3.6-repack.7z File Size: 1.66 MB (17,51,997 bytes) SHA-1: 34baf763a7c830eef99d199c6387ae3b7e464f22 MD5: e3af75c3822560c9a304e1706298c31b SHA-256: ee19131ec93cca4204f99df5c999784f01414a9f4142afeb86aeace71d7e2592 Architecture: x86 & x64 VirusTotal Scan Report: Click Here (0/57 scanning engines found threat )
  7. AIDA64 Extreme v4.70.3200 Features: Added Control Panel icon option during install, Desktop icon unchecked by default, Quick Launch icon unchecked/only offered to Vista and bellow, Sidebar Gadget installs by default on Vista or 7 (not 8,) for program registration setup will copy pkey.txt if present in the same directory as the installer, removed languages and files (details bellow) Download: http://adf.ly/1713566/aida64ext MD5: ca70ea56143785d303f7acf9a2b71b35 Size: 13.7 MB Website: http://www.aida64.com/product/aida64-extreme/overview Removed: ***TOOLBARS***aida64.webkerneld.ia64kerneld.w9xlibeay32.dll (will require OpenSSL)ssleay32.dll (will require OpenSSL)(Installs only on x64)aida_bench64.dllaida_helper64.dllkerneld.x64(Languages removed)lang_aa.txtlang_al.txtlang_bg.txtlang_bs.txtlang_by.txtlang_ca.txtlang_cn.txtlang_cz.txtlang_de.txtlang_dk.txtlang_ee.txtlang_es.txtlang_fi.txtlang_fr.txtlang_hr.txtlang_hu.txtlang_id.txtlang_it.txtlang_jp.txtlang_kr.txtlang_lt.txtlang_lv.txtlang_mk.txtlang_nl.txtlang_no.txtlang_pl.txtlang_pt.txtlang_ro.txtlang_ru.txtlang_se.txtlang_si.txtlang_sk.txtlang_src.txtlang_srl.txtlang_tr.txtlang_tw.txtlang_ua.txt
  8. Microsoft Camera Codec Pack v16.4.1970.624 Info: Removed Visual C++ 2010 runtimes and rebuilt Website: http://www.microsoft...s.aspx?id=26829 English x86: http://adf.ly/1713566/msccp86enmsi MD5: c407ef8a708d8fe7cd52bddf6ed995e5 Size: 6.59 MB English x64: http://adf.ly/1713566/msccp64enmsi MD5: 399493cabbb0fd984ebab2fc59c7e1b8 Size: 12.4 MB This repack is now obsolete, the latest one no longer has vc runtimes in the installer Download: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=26829
  9. This repackage is KB931125 a.k.a. Windows Root Certificate, I repacked to removed the following files: ADVPACK.DLLW95INF16.DLLW95INF32.DLL Download: http://adf.ly/1713566/rootsupd MD5: f19d04f06d1dfc626e7d4539244fd8f6 Size: 387 KB
  10. AxCrypt - Password Protect Files With Strong Encryption AxCrypt is the leading open source file encryption software for Windows. It integrates seamlessly with Windows to compress, encrypt, decrypt, store, send and work with individual files. AxCrypt is translated into English, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Russian, Polish, Spanish and Swedish so chances are it speaks your preferred language. Website - Features Info: Repack with 7zSFX, Slim and Unattended. DOWNLOAD Name: AxCrypt-Setup-x86-x64.EXE MD5: 47D275ADD8F4014B560029F1A0E6D788 Size: 1.3 MB Version: 1.7.3156.0
  11. http://adf.ly/1713566/ssceaioenuMD5: cd7e0ee2d1b6f65aa7671e6aaad7c585Size 3.70 MB about: Contains Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Compact, Microsoft SQL Server Compact 3.5 SP2 and Microsoft SQL Server Compact 4.0 SP1 (ENU Editions) with old vc runtimes removed. Usage: SSCERuntime-ENU_AIO.exe [switches]All switches are optional./y - Passive mode, shows progress bar advancing but requires no user interaction. *All* Editions are installed./ai - Passive mode, shows progress bar advancing but requires no user interaction. *Only* v4.0 is installed./aiV - Quiet mode, no user input required or output shown. *Only* 2005 Edition is installed./ai3 - Quiet mode, no user input required or output shown. *Only* v3.5 SP2 is installed./ai4 - Quiet mode, no user input required or output shown. *Only* v4.0 SP1 is installed./h | /? - Display this help.Examples:Automatically install all editions and display progress:SSCERuntime-ENU_AIO.exe /yAutomatically install v4.0 package and display progress:SSCERuntime-ENU_AIO.exe /aiSilently install 2005 Edition and display no progress:SSCERuntime-ENU_AIO.exe /aiVSilently install v3.5 SP2 package and display no progress:SSCERuntime-ENU_AIO.exe /ai3Silently install v4.0 SP1 package and display no progress:SSCERuntime-ENU_AIO.exe /ai4Some tools and resources for (re)creating your own (localized) installer SSCE AIO SFX Maker v2 (installer repacker):http://adf.ly/1713566/ssceaiosfxSlim down SSCE v3.5 & v4.0 installers:http://adf.ly/1713566/msislim
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