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Found 5 results

  1. Save personal, Start here by the forum I need to pre-install all the major drivers inside the windows installation so I can create a copy of it to reinstall it on other machines, through a copy of the windows disk installed in HD. Where to plug in some hardware that needs the same, windows already install the drive. At first I need to: => Find the Top Drivers to Download => Pre-install the drivers, => Pre-installing applications I wonder if pre-installing drivers with DPInst works, if so how? Would you like to know how to pre-install drivers? I watched this video including with reference here pro forum (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKjy1KKdN0Y). Grateful.
  2. Buenas tardes, quien seria tan amable de crear a detalle una guia que permitar integrar driver a un desatendido de Windows XP con DriverBase, como editar los driver actualizados, cuales driver son los recomendados? Saludos, y feliz navidad!!!
  3. Hola a todos soy nuevo en este foro y queria preguntaros unas dudas que tengo sobre wintoolkit, si sois tan amables. La primera duda es sobre las actualizaciones, segun el video que he visto, si se integran todas la actualizaciones dara un error al instalarse windows, y mi duda es si es posible integralas todas o si hay alguna forma de saber con anterioridad si va a da error o no? La segunda esta relacionada con los drivers si integro todos los drivers de driverpacks.net me dara error o no? La tercera es sobre si puedo integrar un tema para que se instale a la hora de haberse instalado windows? Y la ultima es sobre los admons como puedo integrar admons de programas, he visto que tienen una extension .WA la cual he buscado en internet y no aparece nada sobre el tema? Espero no haber sido muy extenso con mis dudas y me podais ayudar un saludo de antemano y gracias
  4. Hola a todos soy nuevo en esta comunidad, y queria preguntaros unas dudas que tengo, si sois tan amables de ayudarme. La primera esta relaccionada con los admonds como puedo pasar los programas a admons, pues he visto que tienen la extension .WA de la cual no he podido averiguar nada? La segunda cuestión es sobre las actualizaciones que puedo integrar en un windows 7 64 bits ultimate que es el que quiero modificar, he visto el video y segun dice solo se puede agregar la actualización del internet explorer 11 en este caso, pues segun dice en el video si se integran todas nos dara un error a la hora de instalarse? La segunda es si puedo integrar todos los controladores de driverpacks.net como dice en el video o tambien hay problemas a la hora de instalar windows? Y la ultima como puedo poner un tema para que se instale, despues de la instalacion de windows? Espero que me podais ayudar un saludo a todos y excelente pagina
  5. Gotcha! Data Backup UPDATE: Gotcha! Data Backup is now featured in Computer Power User Magazine! Issue January 2013 on page 72!! This is my latest invention. It's actually been in the works for many years. I've been using it in my internal Computer Repair company for a long time now. It is used to backup user data from a system before reinstalling a computer... or to transfer the data to another computer. I've built in many of the much needed areas that Technicians tend to need to backup. It can be used on a system running windows. It can also detect multiple Windows Drives and ask you which drive you wish to do backups from. This is helpful when you attach a customers drive as a slave drive on your system by connecting their drive internally in your computer or through USB. It also will work on WinPE. Another useful feature it has is the ability to Move Files to your backup location instead of copying them. This is a great feature if you wish to quickly move all of their important data into a folder on the same drive that you will be reinstalling the system. Since all of the data is being relocated to a spot on the same drive backups will be much faster. Here are some of the things Gotcha! can backup: Windows Product Keys Office Product Keys Drivers Shared Docs Fonts Desktop Favorites My Documents My Pictures My Music My Videos Downloads Firefox Google Chrome WinMail Outlook Express Microsoft Office Please let me know what you think! Let me know if you come across any bugs! Let me know if you have any ideas you wish me to add as well!! *** This is still in Beta... so use at your own risk *** Download and Review @ FileForum
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