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Found 1 result

  1. GDism ELDI GDism is a graphical user interface (GUI) program for control the Dism (Deployment Image Servicing and Management tool) present in Windows 7 and Windows 8, you can mount/unmount images *.wim, *.vhd, edit it, commit changes, add/remove updates, add/remove drivers, upgrade to higher edition, make *.iso image, convert packages *.msu to *.cab, etc. Now multilingual: english, spanish, french, italian. New version with support to Windows 8!!! Dism.exe /? Deployment Image Servicing and Management tool Version: 6.2.8250.0 DISM.exe [dism_options] {Imaging_command} [] DISM.exe {/Image: | /Online} [dism_options] {servicing_command} [] DESCRIPTION: DISM enumerates, installs, uninstalls, configures, and updates features and packages in Windows images. The commands that are available depend on the image being serviced and whether the image is offline or running. GENERIC IMAGING COMMANDS: /Get-MountedImageInfo - Displays information about mounted WIM and VHD images. /Get-ImageInfo - Displays information about images in a WIM or VHD file. /Commit-Image - Saves changes to a mounted WIM or VHD image. /Unmount-Image - Unmounts a mounted WIM or VHD image. /Mount-Image - Mounts an image from a WIM or VHD file. /Remount-Image - Recovers an orphaned image mount directory. /Cleanup-Mountpoints - Deletes resources associated with corrupted mounted images. WIM COMMANDS: /List-Image - Displays a list of the files and folders in a specified image. /Delete-Image - Deletes the specified volume image from a WIM file that has multiple volume images. /Split-Image - Splits an existing .wim file into multiple read-on split WIM (SWM) files. /Export-Image - Exports a copy of the specified image to another file. /Append-Image - Adds another image to a WIM file. /Capture-Image - Captures an image of a drive into a new WIM file. Captured directories include all subfolders and da /Apply-Image - Applies an image. /Get-MountedWimInfo - Displays information about mounted WIM images. /Get-WimInfo - Displays information about images in a WIM file. /Commit-Wim - Saves changes to a mounted WIM image. /Unmount-Wim - Unmounts a mounted WIM image. /Mount-Wim - Mounts an image from a WIM file. /Remount-Wim - Recovers an orphaned WIM mount directory. /Cleanup-Wim - Deletes resources associated with mounted WIM images that are corrupted. IMAGE SPECIFICATIONS: /Online - Targets the running operating system. /Image - Specifies the path to the root directory of an offline Windows image. DISM OPTIONS: /English - Displays command line output in English. /Format - Specifies the report output format. /WinDir - Specifies the path to the Windows directory. /SysDriveDir - Specifies the path to the system-loader file named BootMgr. /LogPath - Specifies the logfile path. /LogLevel - Specifies the output level shown in the log (1-4). /NoRestart - Suppresses automatic reboots and reboot prompts. /Quiet - Suppresses all output except for error messages. /ScratchDir - Specifies the path to a scratch directory. Actual Version: 3.1 Link: GDism Folder Password: @ByELDI Demo: New Version 3.0 GDism .NET ELDI - Fixed Bugs in Editions Page. - Add AutoFill TargetEditions. - Add AutoFill Features in Packages Page. - Add AutoFill Packages in Packages Page. - Add Hungarian Language. - Fix Scripts Errors with the website page. - Administrator Privilegies. - Updated Dism.exe on Portable. v3.1 - Fixed crash for MS Sans Serif font
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