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Found 2 results

  1. DXUPAC Update (2016) Update (2016) Update (2016) Update (2016) Update (2016) Video tutorial: how to create your localized Onepiece's UpdatePack (and IE, WMP11 or Silverlight Addons) with DXUPAC This tool allows you to create a localized UpdatePack or Addon, simply following these steps: Place in a folder (source folder) the complete source already updated with the latest Service Pack and exactly all the hotfix installers and additional components listed in Onepiece's AIO UpdatePack topics (for XP and 2003 UpdatePacks) or the setup file and all the eventually needed hotfix installers (for Addons). UpdatePack INTL Files or UpdatePack INTL Files you can find the needed hotfixes updated lists for the 24 main XP localizations.. If you are creating UpdatePacks, you need add in source folder the following addons: netfx 3.5 gdr addon netfx 4.0 gdr addon Starting from June release you must also add this addon in source folder in place of install_flash_player_ax.exe file, because Flash installer doesn't support anymore 7-Zip. Run DXUPAC.exe with the needed settings and the path of source folder. When finished, you get your own localized addon/pack in 7z format, WU-compliant. The only thing missing will be your localized .net 3.5/4 language packs . You can add them too using Svcpack addons you can build with another easy tool available here . You need only to place in same directory dotnetfx35langpack_x86**.exe and dotNetFx40LP_Full_x86**.exe files you'll get from Microsoft and run. Only for Unicode language XP users (like ARA, CHS, CHT, ELL, HEB, JPN, KOR, RUS): you should update manually the TimeZone Hotfix lines as DXUPAC is not able to to take out lines in local language so they are created in English. You need to extract latest TimeZone KB (you find them under [TZ_KBLAST.AddReg]) and update all lines from Argentina_Display=* to Yakutsk_Display in Strings section. Trust me: creating an Onepiece's localized AIO UpdatePack need only a few clicks. So please don't ask for ready-to-use UpdatePacks, you can do it by yourself, we really got no time to rebuild 24 different updatepacks every month. Thank you for your comprehension. Universal Creator can also integrate Service Pack 3 inside XP MCE 2005. Follow these steps (some screen are from italian XP but they are easily comprehensible): Or After slipstreaming of Service Pack 3 in MCE sources, integration of Onepiece's XP postSP3 AIO UpdatePack is strongly suggested. When done, you can also add the XPMediaCenter specific hotfixes (by integrating them at T-13: here you can find a step-by-step guide, in italian but with screenshots) Thanks to Yumeyao for his suggestions. Please be tolerant if something is not enough clearly stated. It's more easier to run than explain how it works
  2. Ragazzi ecco il nuovo Update Pack & AddOn Creator INTL, allora serve indicarli la cartella dove saranno presenti i file setup che volete creare come AddOn o Update Pack e cliccare Start DXUPAC Aggiornato (2016) Aggiornato (2016) Aggiornato (2016) Aggiornato (2016) Aggiornato (2016) "Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition" Come integrare Windows Service Pack 3 ... Opure Link Utili.... UpdatePack INTL Files or UpdatePack INTL Files
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