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  1. Hi all, I have being playing around with the WinToolkit for a while. With a new Windows 7-SP1 installation a made with an ISO I customized using WinToolkit, I am not able to access any computer on my LAN by using: \\computername or \\COMPUTER-IP. So far everything else seems to be working properly. What part of my settings might be causing this issue? Attached: Session.ini and Screenshot. Thanks. 2013-07-04_19-14-11_2013-07-04_19-14-11.ini
  2. Sorry if this is not the right thread/forum. I've been trying to create a succesful image for a few days now... and I haven't ben able to. I was using an older program last week called RT7, which hasn't been kept up with very well... Anyways I decided to get WinToolKit a go. I used it to download a fresh SP1 X64 English disc, along with all of the updates I need to make imaging faster. I've burnt a few discs and used USBs thinking maybe that was the problem but it seems to be something else. I get an error or message about the end of the windows 7 installtion. Check Copying Windows F
  3. OK so I'm making a all in one windows 7 thumb drive, i have all the updates, drivers and customization integrated into the .wims, I have been successful in putting them all into a boot-able ISO and it lets me choose the edition and i can install everything, works great. Now I'm trying to make it unattended and it works perfectly except it only show windows 7 pro x86 and windows 7 pro x64 when the answer file is included, but it doesn't show windows 7 home prem x64 unless i remove the answer file. Can someone tell me what i am doing wrong, im so close ...... thanks here is my answer file if t
  4. OnePiece CCleaner v4.0.0.4064 AddOn ENU Update (April 19 2013) Update (April 19 2013) Update (April 19 2013) Update (April 19 2013) Update (April 19 2013) Update (April 19 2013) Hash MD5 3F23032801B64D7C7B66C395C1AB64E4 Filesize: 2,72 MB (2854158 byte) compatible with Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista/7/8 32/64 bit No shortcut are added in Start menu. You find them in Control Panel instead. Right-click menu in recycle bin is on.
  5. hello all :beerchug: How to add a folder to the windows 7 dvd as contained in his software software. examples such as the image below : There's this after windows finish the installation Thank you in advance :beerchug:
  6. I’m having problems with the updates for my Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit SP1 Image I can make an iso and burn it to DVD , but my updates say pending, and they never get installed to my .wim file or to my ISO. I have tested my image in virtual box and it does boot and install, but even after SP1 for Windows 7 it still needs 100 updates. I’am I doing something wrong? When I test the OS they never get installed. Currently I’m using CAB Files, and there is 384 of them. After the .wim file is created alot of the files say pending.
  7. Hi guys, I've a question about the hotfix and other components WinSXS directory in Windows 7, from what I've read by clearing the folder with vLite or WinReducer or other softwares, Windows Update will not work. But is it possible to fake Windows Update in thinking that WinSXS is fine even if I clear up all the files inside the various directories(directories are fine cause they don't occupy space, but .dll and .exe do). Can someone clear this thing ? Suppose you want to install future updates and hotfixes but you don't want to unistall any of the previous, are those files inside WinSXS requi
  8. Hello, First post :3 . Whenever I launch Win Toolkit (My version is v1.4.0.65) it asks if I want to update. Which is odd seeing as in the lower description box it says I have the latest version. If I click the "Yes" button I get an unhandled exception with the error of: I left out the whole "Jit Debugger" part because it's not useful. The buttons "No" and "Exit" work just fine as they should, and the update link has always worked for me until this version. I'm running Windows 7 X64 Ultimate SP1, latest updates from Microsoft of course, no .net altering software or anything. No pirated version
  9. Hola a todos, no sabía donde postear este tema que creo es de mucha importancia también. Windows 7 está siendo llamado muy constantemente para modificaciones, por tal; queremos saber si se puede crear un tema o post donde podamos preguntar y aprender todo de windows 7... a modificarlo a gusto de cada quien... Windows XP tiene un UPL, pero Windows 7 debería comenzar a tener también su UPL creo yo. Cómo descomprimir y comprimir el Install.wim para modificar archivos, cambiarles muchas cosas etc.... Si creen que mi pregunta o consultya está bien, comenten y ayuden a incentivar un espacio netament
  10. Hi, I am trying to move the users folder (by default) away from the System partition... i would like to Install in on D:\ or to be asked where I want it to be installed... Using the unattended file didn't work - users file is still in C:\ I noticed that a similar option exists in the vLite tab - is it normal that it can be done from the Unattended and the vLite at the same time ? Can anyone tell me the right way ? Thanks.
  11. Since Windows 7 Toolkit also works on Windows 8, do you think i should change the name? if so, do you have any ideas? Also what do you guys think about this W7T description i'm trying to make.
  12. Hi, I wanted to integrate my Office 2010 + all office updates to my USB key, can it be done ? Thanks.
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