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High DPI / Font Users


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Hey guys, some users have higher DPI settings than the default (96). I was wondering if you could please tell me what doesn't look right within Win Toolkit.

I've already sorted Tools Manager and Update Catalog.

Please tell me:

1) Your DPI setting

2) Which test version below you where using

3) What looks squashed, etc..

4) Screenshot (optional but recommended)



I've now included the latest test version will DPI and code fixes, feel free to test it out.

Test 1: http://www.mediafire...7a1iwds5a4o0586

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Hi @Lego,

There are the below GUI problems at high DPI settings (%150) in Win Toolkit

I did not have any problems in other modules.

1) %150 DPI (1920*1080 pixels)

2) Win Toolkit




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Not sure if this persisted in earlier versions, but in 1.40.51 Test 9.7 I found 3 glitches under 120 DPI with truncated text / options in the:

- Prompt screen for unmounting. A couple of options are hidden behind the three big buttons.

-Tools screen. The bottom line of the border on the last option is missing. The only way to see it is to maximize Win Toolkit.

-About screen. I no longer see the line with the current and bug fixes. I'm sure this was introduced in the latest test layout versions.




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