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[Release] PowerArchiver 2007


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PowerArchiver 2007 v10.2.1.17


What's New

Version [December/2007]


* Improved speed of loading and closing when in modern interface.

* Updated SFTP engine for better performance.

* Added snap-to/default action mouse support.

Bug Fixes:

* Fixed Bug #83: D&D into empty PA window does not work.

* Fixed Bug #81: D&D folders with specific characters does not work.

* Fixed Bug #75: Titlebar truncated when not needed in Modern toolbar.

* Fixed Bug #74: Incorrect maximize state if taskbar is vertical.

* Fixed Bug #71: Associate does not work in Windows 2000.

* Fixed Bug #73: Extracting ISO files under Vista.

* Fixed Bug #77: Interface selection screen does not work under Win98.

* Fixed Bug #27: D&D out of archive - paths not respected

* Fixed Bug #56: Modern toolbar shows empty buttons.

* Fixed Bug #55: Skins can be enabled for Modern via configuration.

* Fixed Bug #67: Plugins do not work properly.

* Fixed Bug #60: Issues with TAR+99 characters.

* Fixed Bug #64: Strange FTP progress bar behavior.

* Fixed Bug #66: Updating ZIP PAE file shows zip encryption error.

* Fixed Bug #58: SFTP does not work with files over 100 MB.

* Fixed Bug #57: Improved installation of GDI+ on Win98/NT.

* Fixed Bug #68: Always use queue did not always ask for overwrite.

* Fixed Bug #69: Freeze if extracting file. when same name exists as folder

* Fixed Bug #70: QAT position does not get saved.

* Minor other fixes and improvements.

Information: Info


File Release Date: November 30, 2007

Addon Release Date: December 6, 2007

Silent Switch Used: /qb-!

Installs From: svcpack.inf

Credit: Reaper (aka Makave2345 or Me)

RyanVM Integrator Addon:

Size: 4.56 mb

Main: Download

Mirror: Download

MD5: D345509BD9156BF8723FD38019303AAB

SHA1: E352FFA5AFD3195F72716B4527AB31568324BFAD

CRC-32: 7188004C

Switchless "Silent" Installer:

Size: 4.58 mb

Main: Download

Mirror: Download


SHA1: 316E0D2EA469B0430F9461FA878A028657338F65

CRC-32: 50E19786

NOTE: The first time you run the program you can enter your registration code

or you can choose to use this as a 30 day trial!


Edited by Makave2345
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For all other that wont to register the app here is registry entrie:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Just replace NAME and SERIALNUMBER with your and you are ready to go ;)

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new version of this software: 10.11 if u want to make it as a swtichless installer... I wouldn't mind... ;)

btw for the registry info is this what i do in an .inf: :icon_question:


Signature=$Windows NT$

[Optional Components]



OptionDesc ="Registry Entries"

Tip ="Registry Entries"

Modes =0,1,2,3

AddReg =REGEntries.AddReg


OptionDesc ="Registry Entries"

Tip ="Registry Entries"

Modes =0,1,2,3

AddReg =REGEntries.AddReg




i basically just ripped it from ultra iso and just renamed it to go with powerarchiver.

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