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Would it be Possible to Customize the boot screen images and animations to something of your choice on windows 7 & 8? id really love this feature and im sure many users would use it :)

maby you could build a boot screen integrator that can import users custom boot screens and people can share them as a file with a format recognized by win toolkit like .WA but WB. or something similar.

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i also have this tool yeah its pretty good but i still think having the feature integrated into win toolkit would be cool ud never have to leave the toolkit for anything imagine the toolkit being able to do EVERYTHING RT 7 Lite can do + RT 7 booster and ALOT more features than them too it would literally be the best windows iso editor in existence!

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let me rephrase my suggestion i think you misunderstand me i dont see why its rude or lame, if Lego would confirm that he would actually try and put all the features in that rt 7 lie + Booster have id donate no problem at the moment win toolkit doesnt do a few things i would like it to. I dont like switching between the 2 as win toolkit is better i would prefer just to use it on its own.

Now i dont mean that in any way, shape or form Badly just that it lacks certain features that i would deffo pay for and if he were to confirm that these would be implemented id deffo donate right away but at the moment i cant make my iso how i want with win toolkit alone, all i was suggesting is at some point could win toolkit become more feature full than rt 7 Lite + Booster ? if so then id be happy to donate (Even Every month or so) i am not rich but i would donate regularly as much as i could afford but id like to see some features that id love to use (i know it already has many i just think it could have so much more) i do not mean this in a disrespectful way at all as i think Lego has worked very hard on this already and its a very good piece of software witch i respect that he gives us for free and codes in his own time. if i had coding knowledge as good as Lego id even offer to help sadly i do not.

Do you understand me now i have tried to make this as polite as i can.

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I knew what you meant.

Let me tell you where I come from though.

I have been the developer and caretaker of a app that is freeware and has been around for nearly 9 years. Over all of that time I have had hundreds tell me "If you add (Insert feature) I would gladly donate."

2 people ever followed through. My app has been downloaded millions of times and is used (Without any approval by me) in most popular warez windows distros.

Over 9 years I have received (With the exception of two people that were very generous) @ 1500 usd total. After server and web costs that would leave me with @ 60 usd a year in donations.

There are some weeks (I know the same applies to Legolash) I spend 40+ hours in development.

It is a pretty big slap in the face to tell someone that you use their app and like it allot only to then say the above.

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As I've said in other posts, v1.4.0.x build is for bug fixes. You can see for yourself the amount of bug fixes in this build. WinToolkit logs shows 1000+ changes and 250+ of those are bug fixes from this build. I want to have everything fixed before I start implementing requests. Obviously not every bug can be fixed, but as soon as I get to v1.4.0.100 I will then start working on v1.5.0.x

Version 1.5 is when I will be adding as many requests as possible in this request forum. Theres no point in adding new features when some of the existing end dont work perfectly. So I take it under professional pride to get them fixed first.

Yeah I can spend 40+ hours working on WinToolkit and sometimes until 2am in the morning. Haven't had that much time since starting university again but I'm gong to be rescheduling some stuff so that I can make time.

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The problem with customizing the boot screen is the boot on EFI bioses, and all future computers will have this. I have looked into a few tools, none did.

My guess this will never work.

So integrating it into the WinToolkit is piontless as long as nobody is able to do it at all.

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