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Remove/Hide Start Button


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i am new to this i have no idea how to set this correctly

Remove/ Hide Start Button


Want to free up more space on Windows taskbar ? Why not remove Start button or Start Orb from the taskbar? If you are really looking for a cool way to free up more space on your taskbar, then Program is the perfect solution.

Program is a small free application for Windows that help you to free up more space on your taskbar by removing Start button or Start Orb from the taskbar. Don’t be worried. You can still access or open Start menu either by pressing Windows key or Ctrl + Esc.

Once you install and run the Program , an icon will be placed in the System Tray. You can access all the settings related to the Program from the system tray icon. Just close the program to get back the Start button in your taskbar

This is where I found it http://www.intowindo...h-start-killer/



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