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A Beginner's Question Slio streaming IE8 into Win XP SP3 (oem)


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I'm not a total beginner as I have already slip streamed SP3 on top my original SP2 CDROM.

However I am new to nlite 1.491 and and the addition of files such as

http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/5747-addon-internet-explorer-8-enu-true-addon/ OnePiece IE8 WinXPSP3 v3.5.0 AddOn ENU

I have extracted the files from the 7z zip file into a folder.

I have copied my CD ROM files (XP SP3) to another folder and I have Nlite installed.

My aim is to protect my investment in Windows XP long after 8-Apr-2014.

1. Add IE8 to the CD. (test installation) --- How i do not know as yet (Googling....)

2. Add the other updates and hotfixes (100+) to the CD or DVD ONCE IT CONTAINS IE8

Any pointers as what has to be done or articles tell me "how to" would be gratefully received



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You dont need to extract the archive, in nLite you add the "addon" as a update/hotfix. You can also integrate a "updatepack" containing all updates

Here are some links

user_hidden XP SP3 UpdatePack

yumeyao IE8 (updated by me)

yumeyao WMP11

You can also add other programs: ccleaner, spywareblaster, etc. just search for the program name + the word addon

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Thank you for your replies. Installing the One....7z file was easy and I produced an iso file. Intalling from that I find there are initial 112 security update/hotfixes to be applied.

Is nlite intellegent? if I remove the one...7z file and add the 112 new hotfixes does it add them in the right manor (order) ?

What a pain Windows catalog is why can't I select that Iwant only Windows XP - 32bit software

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nLite is OK, but the hotfix integration with nLite is not as accurate or as clean as an AddOn\UpdatePack

in poor words if you find an AddOn uses that, otherwise use nLite after to do that thing ect ect


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