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      Are they any new bat file for Win 10 May 2020 enterprise....
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      How or where to download enterprise version (non evolution 90 day version)...... thanks
    • By Legolash2o
      Whilst a take a week off WinToolkit for revision (exams), I decided to run a little competition to help create the best program ever. Normally I would make 'The Little Things' thread but lets make this fun. 
      NOTE: I will still be on the forums, just not coding. 
      The top bug hunter (reports most) will receive.
      1 serial key. If they have posted a request in the 'Requests' forum then that will get implemented. Depending on how big of a task Runners Up (2nd/3rd)
      1 serial key. Look for: 
      Bugs (+1) Glitches (+1) Spelling errors / grammar (+0.2) GUI faults (+0.2) Anything important really (+0.2 - 1) (points per report)
      If you have reported a bug before (i.e. sorting), then make a new post about the issue.
      You need / Rules:
      Each report must have its own topic. Spelling and grammar can go in one topic Expected outcome - What was meant to happen Actual outcome - What actually happened. Details on how to reproduce the error Possibly screenshots. (+0.2) Video for extra marks (+1) i.e. sorting bug or hard to reproduce errors.   Frequently Asked Questions:
      Send a PM if you have any questions
      Scores: (Updated as I fixed the issue)
      BrokenZer0: 12.0
      Thiersee: 8.7
      Spidernz: 6.0
      RicaNeaga: 4.8
      Ianymaty: 4.4
      Etz: 3.0
      Skippy: 2.0
      Xyla16: 2.2
      adminxp: 1.4
      Eroder: 0.2
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