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Maybe it's my system but version 8.5.9 appears to conflict with config.js files that have the following commands in them:


and desc[pn]= entries that begin with...


I get an error message that points to the alterts.js file in the WPIScripts folder. I upgraded from v8.4.6.

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Hey Byte-Me (I always wanted to say thet :D )

From the changelog:

v8.5.6 Updates - Released August 16th, 2012


*** Fixed out of line boxes issue on layout 3&4.

*** Changed the txt in Allow internet check --

-- This is a XP only function.

*** Fixed getArch6432 and getmshtaBits don't work.

*** Fixed conditions are inserted at the end.

*** Fixed a typo in global.

*** Fixed wrong path in audio copying\playing.

*** Fixed Cannot check categories when items are hidden.

*** Fixed Category was not translated in config wizard proglist.

*** Yet TONS more code cleanup!

*** Streamlined the Registry cleanup functions.

They never worked properly. I had to remove them. Sorry you had this issue.

If it crops up here is a time saver:

In notepad2 you can replace a whole line\section of text with nothing so replace all with a blank entry!!

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