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Help me Help Others SFX installer complications need help.


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Hello World,

This is my first post here and hopefully it doesn't violate any rules.

I have removed bundled software from a program and repacked it back into an installer format I don't care to say which program in case I cannot make this happen it will fill the request of a user though so we will call it setup.exe for now.

The tool I am currently using is winrar.

So I rightclick on setup.exe and select add to archive

I check create SFX archive

I set compression as best

I click the advanced tab

I click sfx options

Under the general tab now I enter the following:

so for path to extract I type C:\temp

so for run after extraction I type C:\temp\setup.exe /VERYSILENT

now under the mode tab I select the following:

hide all

overwrite all files

So I pack it then try to open the sfx archive and it says cannot find setup.exe

I have to be missing something here

A nice tutorial on making a silent sfx installer would be nice at this point with all details including the newbie ones cause I believe I am missing something small but critcal as to how this all works.



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Wow do I feel like a numbskull lol the problem was the syntax err there was 2 periods between exe must have put them there by mistake. OK so I got that part down I got it running.

Still need help though with the following when I execute it it still asks me for administrator privlidges to run the installer...

Could someone please do a walk through on how to create a proper addon from an exsisting installer I know how to unpack and edit the original installer but the issues I have now are the fricking popups that appear askng me if I want tto do what I already told it to do and disabling UAC is out of the question for me personally there has to be a way to make this bend to my will and work properly wthout running a less secure version of windows....

Someone have time to help me troubleshoot this issue they say there are no switches that will stop this I don't get it I can easily wreak havoc by deleting someones system files on them with an SFX but I cannot install a program kinda strange...

Anyways would be nice to know if it is nessacary to get around this during the installation of windows or how others are doing this...


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I am sure Reaper could create a nice guide on how to do this if he has time he seems to be the posting machine when it comes to addons and such I wonder if he'd be up for helping me out is it illegal to contact people here by private msg without first getting their consent first I know this is a foolish but common rule at some forums... It is foolish because if you want to contact someone you first have to contact them in order to contact them a bit trivial the time wasted doing such a thing could be spent on better efforts and the time wasted by the responder replying he could have used to answer the question to begin with lol

Anyhow I want to create this setup first for a guy or gal on this forum then I have some setups of my own to work out.

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When using WinRAR for an SFX there is no need to set the path for the temp folder.On the modes tab just check the box that says "Unpack to temporary folder". Also in the "Run after extraction box" there is no need to type in the path either. You would only need this, setup.exe /VERYSILENT. Not everyone will always be installing your SFX on the C: so it may cause issues for those people the way you have it set up.

Also if setup.exe is an Inno Setup installer (just guessing based on your first post) try these switches.


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Yes it isn't all that hard but I found good documentation if you are aware of the package on which switches to use.

There is also resource hacker that will tell you what type of setup as well as USSC.exe which will tell you the switches to use.

I was using very silent in capitol letters thinking that should do the trick but no you must use all for it to work correctly.

I thank you for the help it was actually a couple of days of tinkering and reading all the wrong stuff till I bruteforced every possibility and figured out just what it was that I was doing wrong and the thing I was doing wrong was assuming go figure that one always gets you in the end.

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correct that makes the request implicitly something we are trying to stop by making the installer silent. Anyhow thanks for the heads up in my case it seemed to cause peazip for instance to ask for administrative access. Anyhow thanks I will keep at it figuring all this out but for now its a bit more learning curve time.I know this program win7tookit is a one of a kind program I am just trying to leverage it to my full potential and see exactly what is worth doing and what is not with lash's help I was able to determine the best possible use for drivers is to install the LAN/WLAN drivers as they are most important which is very true while I overlooked this simplistic thing it just made since as video drivers as well as other drivers change with the season it seems. And even if they don't you can slap the rest of the drivers on a flash drive and just pull in all the drivers needed saving you space on your install in the end as well.

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