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Addon and Installers + SFX

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I've been poking around the Switchless Installers forum over at RyamVM and was wondering if their addons and switchless installer releases can be used with the All in One intergrator in W7T.

ie: I've noticed that all their switchless installer releases are .7z archives. Can I just grab one, covert it to SFX and then just plug it in where applicable in W7T?

Are their releases cross compatible with W7T?

Heres an example I found over at RyanVM Switchess Installer forum

If not, can someone please point me to a forum/post on WinCert that can assist me in making my own. I've looked around but cant seem to get a hit on my search query.

Much appreciated.

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uncompress the .7z and you will find a silent installer you can add with W7T on the add silents tab

Thanks for responding. But is it really as easy as that? That said, I'll ask again.

Are their releases cross compatible with W7T?

For example when looking inside the 7z SFX MP3QualityModifier240.exe using winRAR I see this code and SFX modules

;The comment below contains SFX script commands
Path=%programfiles%\MP3 Quality Modifier
Shortcut=P, MP3QualityModifier.exe, "MP3 Quality Modifier", , "MP3 Quality Modifier",

Do I need to add anyhing further to these .7z SFX archives, ie: config.ini files... ?

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No. All you need is the .exe file from inside the archive

As reaper said, just get than exe and add it to the silent installs list, there's no need to add a 'switch/syntax'.

This is of course assuming the exe is already set up to be silent as kirk implied.

Thank you for your replies. I've been poking around and looking inside the archives along with some reading and alah! It makes perfect sense. I think I might even even try making a few addons and silent installers myself. Once again thanks all.

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