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help with creating bootable usb stick


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hello people out there :-)

I really like the work with this WinToolkit. Unfortunately I am not able to build an image which is bootable over an usb stick.

After reading many things on the forum (tutorials etc) I still do not really understand how to create something which is bootable from a usb stick.

I have an original win7 x64 dvd plus office 2010 dvd available also I downloaded all updates but how can I just put all that stuff together to make a unattendable image?

Sorry for asking this - is there any explanation with pictures or so available (in German?)

THanks for helping, regards, Bernhard

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hi Legolash2o

thanks for this link - I already read through this. The thing I don't understand is when I made this USB stick bootable there are no files on it - is this ok? And then it says that I have to copy the windows installations files on the stick - where do I find them or how do I create these files at all? At this point the thing hangs in my brain :-(

May you please help me?

Thanks, Bernhard

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You copy the extracted ISO/Disk to the usb. So if you have extract an ISO to C:\Win7ISO then just copy everything in that folder to the usb root.

and the pc boots from this? I made an Autounattend.xml and put it on the USB w/ the files that I edited/tweaked etc. etc. with Wintoolkit and AIO and VMWare player won't detect USB to boot through plop.iso (a usb boot method for vmware)


How do you get the USB Stick to go? Its prepped from Wintoolkit. My files/folders tilted just over 4gb, so I had to use the 16gb stick I was gifted recently.


Put all the files on there w/ the Autounattend.xml - wanted to test it on vmware before I reformated via usb lol. (Tried once years ago, got stuck mid-process... had to buy an external cd drive from walmart to install (luckily I got a burned iso. - no CD Drive xdiedx))

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