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Everything Search Engine - v1.3.3.658b


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Hello Geej,


I have tested your AddOn (slightly modified to execute it inside a sfx), Install, uninstall and upgrade works great. Good job !



I discovered one thing:


- Everything.ini that belong in Program Files (the one in the Everything folder in your AddOn) only need to have two lines:


As we know it is the other  Everything.ini that belong in app data wich is actually used, but the one in Program Files is still read at the startup, hence the instruction to use redir.

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Looks like void solved both our requests, and the latest beta has tons of options to make it silent :)


mooms, if you think on making a silent installer and post it somewhere, please make it with your custom ''Everything.ini'' inside, as I also want to change something easily in it (reason beeing this).


Thanks :)

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Yes, I have seen that. Right now, I'm still using my own silent installer based on the inf made by Geej, because it is smaller, but I have tried to make an universal (x64 & x86) installer besed on the originals installer and it works.
If you want to make your own custom installer, here is some batch commands example I have used (you must have the right file in the right folder):

ren "Everything-1.*.x64.Multilingual-Setup.exe" "Ever64.exe"ren "Everything-1.*.x86.Multilingual-Setup.exe" "Ever32.exe"".\bin\7za.exe" a "Everything.7z" "Ever64.exe" "Ever32.exe" "Everything.ini" -mx=9copy /b ".\bin\ev.sfx" + ".\bin\ev.txt" + "Everything.7z" "SFX_Everything_1.3.4.685b.exe"del "Everything.7z"

Example config file for the sfx: (You have to add the argument for using the custom ini)

;!@Install@!UTF-8!GUIMode="2"MiscFlags="4"RunProgram="x86:Ever32.exe /S -install-options \"app-data -disable-run-as-admin -install-run-on-system-startup -install-service -install-service-port 15485 -install-start-menu-shortcuts -language 1036\""RunProgram="x64:Ever64.exe /S -install-options \"app-data -disable-run-as-admin -install-run-on-system-startup -install-service -install-service-port 15485 -install-start-menu-shortcuts -language 1036\"";!@InstallEnd@!
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