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[Slim] .NET Framework 4.6.1 Full x86/x64 (2-27-2016)


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Hi Rick,


Just catching up and trying to update a previous integration and when I was using WPI to update an image that used your last .NET I got the following:

As always BIG THANKS!!!


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Hi Rick,


the new package seems not to install foreign languages: if I install it on an italian OS, no matter if silent or not, it installs the "basic" program and for the language pack stops and say "If you want to install this feature please start Setup.exe"; if I hit the OK-Button it finishes the installation (NO LP!) without further issues.



Edit: Intl added, will add sfx and individual lang packs later

I saw your edit only now...

Is the package not yet ready for foreign languages?


Thanks, Thiersee

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About: These packages contain .NET Framework 4.6 Full x86/x64 installers including updates (and Language Packs) integrated. For command-line options run <installer_name>.exe /?

Note: The reason its called "Slim" is because the original MSI installers have been carefully edited to remove unnecessary setup junk, this should save 200+ MB of space on your HDD/SSD.

OS: Windows Vista/Server 2008 SP2 x86/x64 or Windows 7/Server 2008 R2 SP1 x86/x64

Slim Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 Full x86/x64

Download: http://adf.ly/1713566/dotnet46slim

Size: 46.5 MB

MD5: 78be899a624246776f9b391fc5e23666

Slim Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 Full x86/x64 Incl. Language Packs (ar cs da de el es fi fr he hu it ja ko nl no pl pt-BR pt-PT ru sv tr zh-Hans zh-Hant)

Download: http://adf.ly/1713566/dotnet46intslim

Size: 81.4 MB

MD5: 3011c24b11ce52eb5912edb797e64f0b



Can you please share another link/ or way to get there?  As ad.fly is BLOCKED in our fine nation by our ISP. Go figure. 

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