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Adding Gadgets To XP Sidebar


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YES!!.. there is a way.. if you have the Windows SideBar 5744 or any other.. download a Gadget.. change the extension *.gadget to *.zip... then create a folder into your GADGETS folder of your SIDEBAR.. with the same name of the gadget example : if your gadget is CPU_Meter.zip... he folder will be CPU_Meter.gadget and uncompress it the *.zip content into this folder.. after this the gadget is ready to use it.. I hope it could help you..

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Check out the below forum thread. I have created a program that will extract gadgets automatically.

And for the "delay load" error you can check the same thread below for modified Wireless gadgets that do not cause that error.

Please leave any feedback whether either suggestion worked for you or not.


To Auto extract Gadgets after Program Install:

1: Download a new gadget to your hard drive.

2: Double Click the new gadget to auto extract into the shared gadgets folder.

3: Open sidebar and gadget should be there in the Gadget Gallery.


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That is a known VAIO b2 bug, WiFi Gadgets cause a delay load error... You can use these gadgets edited by fmustang http://savefile.com/projects/808466979

Hi Rick,

it's not a VAIO Bug, the Sidebar.exe need a wlanutil.dll found in Vista System32

After I copied the dll from Vista to XP, the WiFi Gadgets don't cause a error.

Please add the wlanutil.dll into your Sidebar Installer.




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