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[Solved] Issue with switchless installers config


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Ok I am not sure how this could be repeated or exactly how it happened.

Here is the scenario, I am still using 1.4 version.

I have done various builds now using wintoolkit and each build has used the same directory for install files, not cleaned before each new build (mentioning this as this could be why).

Initially everything worked perfect noticed no issues.

On my last build which was to be my first stable build to use, I had an issue.

I set in the all in one integrator 10 installers, 2 of which auto and 8 prompt. On the previous build was an 11th which is now removed.

After installing windows and getting to the part it runs these installers, I have a prompt box for 12 installers, the one I removed is listed and also I have 3 listed twice. The ones listed twice are ones I removed and then readded.

The process I followed between each build was I always saved the preset in the all in one integrator prior to closing it. On a new build I would load the preset, make any changes and then run by pressing start. Loading the preset now I dont have the 3 things listed twice and the installer I removed is not there either.

I am not keen on wiping the install directory as I have a edited registry hive in there somewhere which I assume would be lost if I wiped it.

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Legolash2o that did the tweak thanks for the excellent fast support again, can I make a request that option is on by default? seems to make sense to me.

Or maybe not, I think I been using the app wrong, previously I have been reapplying the entire preset every time but it seems I didnt need to, so I think the option should auto enable if 'any' silent installs are changed but stay off if none changed? does that sound reasonable?

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