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Update Catalog Confusion v1.5


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As Rica reported I can confirm that the option is not functioning as expected and the items/folders referenced previously are not being shown. The additional issue with this is that every time I run the ToolKit against my directory which has the folders in it, the ToolKit moves all the files to the OLD folder and I have to move them back

I've added the filter option in 'Options', it's enabled by default.

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Is it possible to publish a deep link to an executable/msu/cab on a website e.g. by using an .url file? This way a redirect to the MS server would be established. The source website would not suffer from heavy traffic (only small text files with extension .url would be downloaded) and the target MS server should be adequate enough to cope with the traffic. Unless this kind of linking is prohibited?

Why this thought? I suspect the KUC program does direct downloads of KB fixes (probably using CURL library) and even did this while Komm's website was offline, so it was probably directly addressing the MS site.

WTK would probably not have much problems downloading such reference link files and interpreting the contents so it can download from the MS target server. Is this a feasible approach?

Regards, Eric666

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I have only been testing McRip because I know Komm is out of commission for the time being... so my references are on his file structure

They are all moved because Komm has removed all of his updates and since the updates are no longer on the server, Win Toolkit classes them as old. Nothing i can do about this.

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More odd deletion behavior; before running WinToolKit v38 I had removed the files under my local under "Integrate to installation media\KB2757588\" folder and when I ran the ToolKit it actually deleted the KB2757588 folder that was already there and showed that I needed to download the file

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