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Add Downloads to Win7 Libraries on Windows Explorer


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Add.Downloads.to.Win7.Libraries.exe *

This simple silent installer adds "Downloads" to Windows 7 on Windows Explorer.

- It copies Download.Ico inside %SystemRoot%\System32

- Enable Downloads and Public Downloads to Libraries.

- Deletes Downloads link from Windows Explorer Favorites (%userprofile%\Links\Downloads.lnk)


* Installer made with 7z-SFX Builder and batch file in Notepad. No switches needed.

It also can be extracted with 7z if you guys wanna know what is inside.

MD5 Hash: 4BBF24E3A77AE56E3B4B06BE2CF6BF80

Size: 582 KB (596.039 bytes)

Download here:


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Thanks guys... I didn't use this as an "addon" but I did extract it and test it in a VM... I won't actually use it as is but I did like the idea of adding the Download folder to the library but not the public Download folder.... I also did not like removing the Downloads link from Windows Explorer Favorites so I tweaked it a little just for my own use

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As I also liked this Idea, I have made the following changes:

- Don't delete the Favorite entry (I do see the point in doing so, you'll have Downloads twice in the default Explorer, but as I'm used to find it in the Favorites I'd like to keep it)

- I kept the Public Downloads Folder in the Library, because it (probably) makes sense to provide "public" downloads on a multi-user-system (just like public Documents etc.)

- repackaged it with a smaller 7zSFX and SFX-Icon and made it super-silent

- uploaded it to MediaFire


MD5 Hash: 55401bc471bcdf1e21effe4b33ba7f5c

Size: 168kB (172.814 bytes)

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/wax0n8p9c7ce2m2/Add.Downloads.to.Win7.Libraries.exe

Attention: This is my first contribution here, so please test it in a secure environment first or you might lose your hair :newhere:

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