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Support Windows Toolkit -- The best darn DISM / ImageX Tool to surface on the net.

@Komm @McRip

EDIT :: I've noticed that servers that power the Win Toolkit update catalog has been going offline more than usual these last few weeks. For what reason, I can only begin to guess. However, I suspect that the servers may be down because of a spike in traffic from Win Toolkit users or perhaps not.

High traffic websites such as those maintained by McRip and Komm typically have SLA's that dont provide enough of a bandwidth allowance for the ammount of traffic these servers generate. SLA's that provide the necessary bandwidth for high traffic sites tend to cost more money. It can get quite expensive for non-profit projects such as Win Toolkit and the Update Catalog. Bandwdth costs have been going up for the last 5 years (Smartphones, Hi-Speed Internet, etc...) ISP's are always in reaching in our pockets for more....

I would like to extend an offer of 5gb of webspace and generous allowance of bandwidth for couple of month, If my suspicions are incorrect and the servers are simply down for Maintenance, all the better.

Anyhow, thats it. Keep up the great work and best regards.

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