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    • By theSLug
      Hi all,

      the actual release of Win Toolkit put the modified lang.ini in boot.wim\1\sources\ ,not in the correct path: boot.wim\2\sources\ .

      without modified lang.ini in 2/sources , the "chosing language" menu at the start of installation not appear.

      bye & tnx in advance.

    • By yogurt
      KB2670838 Failed to integrate Windows 7 SP1 (7601) Anyone else have the same issue?
      EDIT :: This update integrates fine when adding it to Advanced :: Silent Installers using the /Q switch. KB2670838 can not be integrated as an update in Version 1.5 does not have this issue.
    • By yogurt
      Came across this error while bilding a an ISO. I repeated the same process a second time without errors. Windows Toolkit on Windows 7 SP1 (7601) x64 Real Hardware. Attached are is error log along with a screenshot. I also uploaded the same from within WT. Just thought you should know. Best Regards.
      EDIT :: Disregard, the casue of the error was a corrupt ISO. All Okay. I recomend to anyone using the ISO Maker not to multitask while running the ISO maker tool, unless of course you have CPU that can handle the trafic. I have an i7 running 3Ghz and still managed to corrupt my ISO while light multitasking.
    • By yogurt
      As the title suggest : Is it possible to remove an addon once it has been integrated using Win Toolkit All-in-One Integrator?
      I'm thinking not, but I thought I'd ask just the same, and for the benefit of anyone else who might be want to know.
      It's not really a big issue for me, It just means I'll have to be more diligent with my builds. Any insight is much appreciated.
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