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Win 7 ToolKit 1.5.0.x on Windows 8 Image


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Started to test latest W7T on Windows 8 Pro and found some stuff, that is probably Win 8 specific.

1) Adding Themes (themepacks) works, setting default theme doesnt (removes that theme from Personalization theme list instead)

(Broken Theme file, this specific theme doesnt work on Win7 either)
2) Logon Background and Setup background changing doesnt work.
3) Switching to 64-bit WMP doesnt work, has no effect at all, this option doesnt even exist anymore.

Basically all is pretty much as expected, if I have investigated how to fix those write into this topic.

Maybe detection mechanism is needed, if working on Windows 8 images provide "modified tweaks" for things that work differently on Windows 8, also then on Windows 8 new dism could be used, which makes removals lot easier?

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Using Win Toolkit on Win 8 Pro and noticed the following dependencies:


1) Disable UAC: UAC is required to run Modern/Metro Apps.


2) Turn off Windows Firewall: Windows Firewall needs to be running to be able to install Windows Updates and to update or install Modern/Metro apps.

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Technically it works on windows 8.1 also, only removals dont.


You only have to use it on the very same Host OS due to newer Dism requirement as it doesnt allow you to choose dism.exe location.

Hence you are limited to using OS built in version. (Change has been requested to make it possible to select it)

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