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[AddOn] RapGet v140 (October-8-2007)

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RapGet v1.40 by Alexander Shiryaev

Info: Shortcuts are added to Start -> All Program -> Utilities.

Rapget is a downloader with code recognition for such share servers as rapidshare.de, megaupload.com, slil.ru and others.

But IMO still not as good a Universal Share Downloader

download.png Updated October-8-2007

MD5: C2861265F928C8A82F0F68F5071EB201

Size: 706 KB

Website: http://www.rapget.com/



- Updated v1.40


- Updated v1.39


- Updated v1.38


- Improoved INF uninstall


- Updated v1.36


- Update program to v1.35

- Changed addon version format [7 Year].[05 Month].[22 Date] of addon creation


- Updated v1.34b


- Initial AddOn Release, Program v1.33

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Which one is better, this or Universal Share Downloader?

Since you provide an addon for each, I'm having a hard time to settle for one.

Ok, I could use them both but I want to keep clutter by redundant programmes a minimum...


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USD, it can dl from more websites. But seems that program updates have been discontinued :(

The reason I'm asking is because as of late, I seem to be unable to DL from Rapidshare with either one.

No idea why and I don't think I am doing anything wrong (it worked before and it's not rocket science...).

Is there really a need for this uploaders ?? :icon_question:

I don't like to use any of them doesn't matter what it is :whistle:

Well, as long as you do not mind clicking on several buttons on your way to the DL, enter a capcha code and wait several seconds for the DL link to finally appear, there's certainly no need for it...


If you've ever tried to download (that's what the tools are for, not uploading!) more than one file off these "one-click" (haha, what a joke!) hosters, then you will appreciate them.

While it does not circumvent the forced waiting time between DLs (at least for RS), it certainly does make using these darn hosts a bit more convenient.

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