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[Solved] 1.50 t38 Problem


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I just ran a quick image through 1.50 t38 on Professional.

The settings.ini shows: Recent Docs::Hide

But in the registry log it's showing:

13-12-2012_01:51AM | WriteValue: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\WIM_Admin\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced | Start_ShowRecentDocs=1| DWord

No error reports generated but I can upload the files that were generated if you require them.

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I don't want to make another thread, so I'll post it here since its related to this build.

Its not a bug, more like cosmetic thingy, I've noticed that in test38 and test39 as well. I don't add any silence installers via Toolkit and this window pops up.

It doesn't show up in test28



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Yes, I do add few silence apps., in $OEM$ using setupcomlete.cmd., but not thru Win Toolkit.

It does closed automatically after a "countdown", that's why I said its more like cosmetic thing, not a bug. Little annoying I would say.  ;)

And I haven't notice that in earlier build.



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