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Silent Installer (BUG ?) and WinNT6.X (WinNTSetup2)


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Im not sure, but for me appear that you forgot to add command "if CD ..." to Silent Installer.


It works if windows going to be installed in "regular way" (as path is allways same).


But if WinNTSetup2 tehniques is used your installer lose relative path (it is same also when I installed from hard disk folder located in fixed letter D partition), as installation continue from fresh copied files on (not necessary) C partition and just pop-up with bunch of the error messages.


Files from App folder are (obviously) not copied to (not obligatory) C partition and it is logical that Installer is not capable to find the path without instructions (simmilar is also for theme patch).




I dont think that is worth to mess with instructions for path (waste of time).


Two step solution:


1) Add in Win Toolkit (check box) option to force PERSISTENT popup of Silent Installer dialog (to not be closed by it self).


2) In Silent Installer dialog add Browse for folder (relocate and reload by itself).


P.S. It will be nice to add to Silent Installer dialog check boxes (for selective installation).


P.S. -01 It will be nice also to add to Silent Installer dialog AdHoc Install button (for some new/additional installations).


3) Of course, Exit (Close) button for Silent Installer dialog, to continue setup.

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