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[AddOn] DriverPacks BASE 10.06

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Thanks Helmi, I'm glad you like the addon...

Not only this one but almost all the others from you, too! :D

Currently using some 20+ addons, I think, and I'm having a hard time deciding what I should actually still install with WPI ;):P

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- Updated BASE to v8.12.1

- Added Uninstall shortcut to All Programs

- Added support for Spanish uninstall prompt and auto setting prog lang

Note: if anybody wants the uninstall, automatic settings of the program language or any updated .lng file added for your language you can request it here, I also need you to translate this:

Lang	   ="English"
ProgDesc ="Slipstream DriverPacks™ into Windows 2000, XP or Server 2003 source."
FldrDesc ="Add your BTS DriverPacks™ to this folder for updating & slipstreaming."
3rdPrtDesc ="Add your 3rd party DriverPacks™ to this folder for slipstreaming."
UnInsTitle ="DriverPacks BASE Uninstaller."
UnInsQuest ="Are you sure you want to remove DriverPacks BASE from your computer?"
UnInsFinal ="DriverPacks BASE was successfully removed from your computer."

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No incluye los DriverPacks, solo es el programa BASE copiado a %ProgramFiles% y accesos directos en todos programas para despues, envez del autoextraible que bajas de driverpacks.net...es solo un (des)instalador para el DPs_BASE, luego tu bajas y copias los DriverPacks a las carpetas y los integras


Aun tienes que integrar los driverpacks despues de que instegras este addon

Use el BASE envez de nLite si quieres integrar absolutamente todos los dispositivos y si los quieres descomprimidos creo que el metodo 1 hace esto

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