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UPnP exposure test


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There is a known UPnP vulnerability in some routers, its very serious and you should test your network see if you are affected (mine is O.K.)


Read more: http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/01/29/us-cybersecurity-bugs-idUSBRE90S06320130129


View more: http://twit.tv/show/security-now/389


Test yourself: https://www.grc.com (go to Services > ShieldsUP! and you will find a "instant UPnP exposure test" button)

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You can get a more detailed scan on this site, it tells you what version UPnP/OS your router has (needs Java)
Here is why I am not affected

This device appears to run "POSIX UPnP/1.0 linux/".

A device that is affected shows this

This device appears to run "Linux/, UPnP/1.0, Portable SDK for UPnP devices/1.6.6". This system may be vulnerable to CVE-2012-5958 and CVE-2012-5959

Portable SDK for UPnP Devices has been updated to resolve this issue

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