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automatic restore icon layout for silent install


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Hi all,


I am creating a unnattended win7 dvd, but cant find a utility that automatically restore a previus created icon layout (on dvd), I have tried things like iconrestorer, but cant automate the restore operation, something like "iconrestore.exe -restore iconlayout.ini" doesnt exists, so I have to start the application and click on restore.


Anyone knows some utility that can do this?




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When adding iconrestore.exe -restore to the silent installers list select the copy entire folder. Make sure the folder containing iconrestore.exe also contains the iconlayout.ini file. Using the copy entire folder option copies bother the binary and .ini file to the dvd. This way when WinToolkit Installer runs iconrestore.exe -restoreiconlayout.ini it will find the file. Hope this helps.

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