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What is mctadmin?


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Just found out that WT seems to set a registry entry at



(In this sample TempHive is an imported NTUSER.DAT structure)


I assume it stems from an option in the Tweaks section of the AIO-Integrator, just  which one?

I try to write a registry setting for this registry key (accessing the TempHive structure) via RunOnceEx and before the (new?) entry mctadmin appeared that worked fine, now it doesn't any longer.


I tried with this line

Reg add %K%\010 /f /v 4 /d "reg delete HKU\TempHive\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Runonce /f /v mctadmin"

to delete it before writing my own value, however this didn't work out.

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So "mctadmin" seems to be "safe to delete", all right. Thank you, sp0iledbrat.


Edit: Just decided to keep it, it doesn't seem to interfere with my oem stuff any more.

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